Friday, November 06, 2009

Lovely Laura

Thanks for all your nice comments on the last one, which I'll get back to.  For now though, I seem to have run out of day, which is an opportunity to feature a picture of Laura eating an ice cream in Moncontour, 

and to urge you wholeheartedly to go and visit her blog, linked above, to see her beautiful, luminous, movement-filled drawings and paintings from her stay in Brittany.  She's posted her work from her trip here in September over her last six posts, and it really is a feast for the eyes and the heart.

Knowing Laura from Laurelines, I mostly had an impression of her, a very bright one, from her dazzling work as an artist,  but when you meet someone for real, even briefly, all kinds of other areas of the picture are filled in.  She's also elegant, well-travelled, sharp as a tack and mischievous, with a wicked giggle.  She was staying near Josselin, but came up to meet us for lunch and a wander in Moncontour.  She flattered and teased Tom, made adoring noises towards Molly and generally charmed us to pieces.

I don't know if she'll mind having her picture here, I hope not.  Now go and see her pictures!


Anil P said...

Wonderful sketches. Loved the lines. Thank you.

Rouchswalwe said...

Oh! Ink sketching with washes applied! One of my favorite styles. And the Koi in Laura's banner are arresting in their simplicity. Very nice!

Thank you for the introduction, Lucy! I wonder what flavour the ice cream was ...

Laura Frankstone said...

Lucy, I'm so touched and honored----that red glow you see in the western sky is a result of intense blushing emanating from a midatlantic state. Thank you, dear heart. Please give our dashing Tom a big kiss from yours very truly.

caseytoussaint said...

What a nice post - and I agree with you on every point about Laura!