Sunday, November 08, 2009


I have been collecting bittersweet,
because its droplets of blood-scarlet berries
glow in nightshaded places,

                                       and (I've heard)
when stored just right, their poison makes
a tincture that can heal, so bitter can grow sweet...


 Probably this should really be considered a first draft.  Exigencies of daily posting require get it out there anyway.)


Zhoen said...

That's the purpose, just get it out there, without the polishing. Let out the raw energy, let it take you in places you might otherwise edit away.

rb said...

gosh you really are posting every day. Wow!

I am not very good at just getting it out there. I don't edit much but I tend to like to sit on pieces for a day before posting just incase I have got carried away and said too much or ranted or something.

But you never do that.

I can't promise I will visit every day but I will try to pop over regularly to encourage you on your challenge.

christopher said...

Oh yes. (get it out there)

And yes. (first draft)

I get a second chance by reading my poem six months later before posting. My trouble is I most often lack the patience with crafting beyond a certain point. I throw them out if I can't get it very close to the first draft.

I read in Wiki that I was right thinking I had never heard of the vine, that it is not native here and that it is considerred an invasive species on our side of the pond.

What a remarkable thing. Bittersweet is poisonous and in the potato genus. I am allergic to potatoes. But also tomatoes are related, my favorite food (as potatoes were before I found out I was allergic) and eggplant (another favorite).

Of course, the genus is more commonly thought of as the nightshades. Wiki says that membership in this genus is provisional for many of the 2000 or so currently identified members. Most parts of most of these plants are poisonous to us but not necessarily to other species.

These are among the plants, one wonders however did people ever figure out how to eat them, and why. I eat tomatoes every day if I can. They are said to be man food (lycopene). :)

Roderick Robinson said...

Et tu Luce (Hey, that's a legitimate vocative I think). First drafts - repent at leisure, as I am doing. Sorry, I'm being obscure again.

Sheila said...

I just love these photos.

I have a personal connection to bittersweet.

These are lovely.