Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cool bright air

Bit of a cheat post really, but it'll have to count.  I've posted my reply to Joe's question 'Are you cool in the bright air?'

It's not rhyme royal, rondelay, tanka, ballad stanza or anything else formal.  Formal has deserted me, for the time being.

Another dank, lightless, grey day, what Bill Bryson described as 'like living in Tupperware'.  Molly got so bored she stole a toilet roll tube from the bathroom bin.  She hasn't done that since she was a puppy...


Bee said...

Nigella Lawson (in a recipe for apple and walnut crumble that I made this weekend) described this kind of November weather as "saucepan-lid skies."

I'm sure that I would be feeling fizzier if the sky looked more like this photograph!

Catalyst said...

Gee, it's gotten gray here today, too and I was just digging around in our bathroom looking for a toilet roll tube!

Lucy said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Bee - actually, it's about the time to go looking for walnuts. Except our friends who used to live near the walnut tree have moved, so I'll have to make a special effort. The raotting leaves and outer husks have a unique iodine kind of smell.

Catalyst - you made me laugh! The folks we got her from used to sometimes give her toilet roll tubes to play with as a puppy. Occasionally I take a ktichen towel tube and put a few of her biscuits inside, then twist and fold it up so she has to work quite hard to get them out. Makes a mess but she enjoys it. so I did that after I's taken the toilet roll tube off her. We've also been playing with a bouncy ball and rolling around playing puppies on the carpet. That's Molly and I, that is to say...

Saint-Just said...

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