Monday, November 17, 2008

Two posts in a day...

but I'm still doing nothing at all on Out with Mol or Flickr, just seem to have lost momentum.

Anyway, an update on the state of the body Kempton, not because I necessarily expect you to be following it with an assiduity normally reserved for Strictly Come Dancing, but because you've all been so nice - which quite undoes me - and for the record, and because I know there are one or two people from that uncertain sphere called Real Life (as opposed to the rest of you, who are perhaps my computer generated Imaginary Friends, only you can't be because I don't think I could imagine such good ones) who are not necessarily regular readers have been good enough to come here for news, which is a thing I very much appreciate.

I've always feared blogging as a means of keeping in touch with family and friends might be construed as a rather narcisisstic, nonchalent, ignorant way to go about things, rather like round robin letters at Christmas. However, when things change quite quickly, or are rather tiring to recount, it can be helpful just to post news once rather than having to repeat it in phone calls and e-mails.

Tom's recovery seemed to stall rather for a few days, and the weekend was a bit tough, as the staff at the hospital were somewhat thin on the ground and non-committal. The surgeon came round last night (Sunday) though, and said his inside were still not working properly and he'd not be able to come out on Tuesday. Today they gave him something in his drip to quell the nausea he was feeling, and I washed his hair, and Iso (Princeling's mum) and The Quiet American looked in one after the other bearing Quality Street and the latest Economist magazine respectively, neither of which he is presently able to enjoy owing to poorly functioning digestion and concentration, but he'll enjoy the QS later and I read the Economist. I offered to sort out some music, (on HHB's suggestion, though I'd sort of thought of it), but he said he didn't think he'd be able to focus on that either.

These days seem to go slowly; yesterday seems a long time ago. However, things did start to move and he did pick up, the surgeon came again, and said while it was disappointing he hadn't recovered more quickly, it was a question of waiting, and nothing worse. When I left was humming something to himself, and just now on the phone he said he thought he had overcome a hurdle and the worst was over, and his voice sounded stronger and brighter.

So, just patience now really. The D10 is getting a little repetitive, but the constant changes of autumn are still interesting.

Here's a quick double exposure collage, as I've not done any pictures for a long time, and still you come. You really are so good. These multi-exposures seem to me to be able to create symbols and atmospheres and convey emotional affect in satisfying ways.


herhimnbryn said...

Good news. Cautiously onwards.

Bee said...

Time does go ever so slowly when we are twiddling our thumbs . . . and waiting for news/progress/a sign. I'm wishing you both well.

I do think that the rays of sunlight, and the luminous clouds, feel comfortingly symbolic. Just like the bare branches, this is a winter for you, but spring will come again!

Catalyst said...

Blast that slow recovery! But it sounds like he may have turned a corner. Hope so!

Zhoen said...

weekend was a bit tough, as the staff at the hospital were somewhat thin on the ground and non-committal.

Yeah, no kidding.

Healing can't be rushed, as frustrating as that is.

christopher said...

Making Things Right

So I have gone in,
Deep into the hut to sit
In the center spot
Where the power is,
Where we sit to move the world.

I have risen up
Toward the sky hole
To meet the angel. She comes
To take the message.

I plead all be right again.
She nods, a kiss. She ascends.

HLiza said...

Things will happen, Lucy (I'm telling that to myself too!). Let's just wait and blog about it whenever we can. Here's wishing the best for you two. Hugs!

meggie said...

I like Christopher's poem.
I hope something has moved, to help Tom to recovery faster.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I hope Tom continues to make progress, recovery can always be frustrating.

I love the photo.

Dave King said...

I can nearly always find something interesting or something to admire in a double exposure, but this is a particularly fine example.

Do hope the progress picks up again - and quickly.

Unknown said...

What hateful places hospitals and yet how glad we are of them. It sounds as though Tom is well looked after, and it was good to read of his voice sounding stronger.

Lee said...

Slow is not bad, as long as the direction is good. The Economist will keep, even if the QS doesn't.

Jean said...

So hard watching a loved one feel lousy. Much love to both of you. Sharing your experience is not nothing, you know. It's putting something positive and sharing out there in the world, and holding on to company, when worry is inevitably something you feel alone with. xxx

Roderick Robinson said...

Not capable of concentrating on The Economist? I wouldn't bother too much about that as a yardstick. I have difficulty doing so in what I laughingly describe as good health. In any case its contents at the moment are hardly likely to be happiness-inducing. Have you tried reading to him? A very very clever friend of mine found he had nothing to say when visiting his wife during her first confinement. So he read Wind in the Willows aloud. Should you choose Gros Calin by Romain Gary you'll have the rest of the ward tuning in. Sorry about the long drag.

apprentice said...

I hope he continues to make progress. It's hard to watch thodse love feeling well below par.


apprentice said...

"those we love" I meant, sorry my head's mince today.


Fire Bird said...

Sending love, lots of love...

Rosie said...

I'm joining the wellwishers...with my three dots