Thursday, November 27, 2008

Offerings to myself

Not all to be eaten or drunk, not all to be bought for money. Some just to remember to enjoy, not to hurry along to the next thing, not to avoid, to make time and effort for. Some are over now, some still to come. With thanks to Herhimnbryn for the idea.

orange dahlias
taking the coast road through Yffiniac and Langueux instead of the quatre-voies.
catching the light
Roy Marsden as Adam Dalgliesh
boiled eggs on Sundays
reading 'Peter Abelard' again
walking to the horses, and rubbing noses with them
battered black walking trainers, Mum's old red paisley scarf, and photo-taking gloves
a walk with the camera
a walk without the camera
lighting the fire mid-afternoon
Monday night swimming
sun through beech leaves
pasta, or anything, in a red bowl
growing pumpkins
dog kisses
lapwings at dusk
lying like spoons



herhimnbryn said...

It's late here and I've got up to take pain killers due to a torn ligament in my ankle. So, finding this post has brought a smile to my face. It does one good to sit and the write out the list, doesn't it?

I heartily agree about Roy Marsden, oh yes I do! Ditto lighting the fire in the afternoon and lying like spoons. One could be the corollary (is that the right word?) of the other I suspect.

Roderick Robinson said...

In our case it's the red Le Creuset. A source of continuing comfort.

Lying like spoons encouraged further speculation about other cutlery combinations - none of them innocent.

Roy Marsden first appeared in a series about trying to run a mini airline, possibly in B&W TV. He wore a leather tunic jacket and for minutes at a time I really believed he could fly. The other spoon fell for him.

Catalyst said...

I am thankful for all the good friends I've made in the blog world. Like you, Lucy!

christopher said...


Standing still, reaching
In my heart across the flow
Of far light from me to you
Wonder of day's end
Wonder of warm dreams
Wonder of true life.

Lists of thanksgiving
Lead to peace, tranquility,

Lead to you near by.

Lucy said...

Oh how I love you people...

Zhoen said...

Beautiful. Rubbing noseses with amnimals is happy.

Roy Marsden gets seconded here.

Lee said...

I was with you until you got to the dog kisses. Never been a big fan of lukewarm dog slobber. Love the rest.

meggie said...

My dogs can only slobber on parts of me that are not my face! But the list is lovely, wonderful things!

HLiza said...

Lovely tempted me to come out with one for myself. Err..I think I'll die before any dogs can kiss me..

Anonymous said...

A subtle meme - and so well executed. A challenge to us all!

Lucy said...

Well, Roy M. gets a few votes! He's mine, I bagged him first!

It was HHB's wonderful idea, so she deserves the credit.

It's not only a nice meme, but also good for the soul, because you start seeing more things in more positive ways, and thinking about taking the time and trouble to enjoy them, rather than rushing past or denying them to yourself as in some way soft or self-indulgent. For example, taking the longer old road, where I can enjoy the view of the bay and go at my own pace, not the fast and scary one, was something I tended to feel guilty about, as though it was a soft option cop-out, whereas if you see it as a way to be kind to yourself,get a bit more out of life...

Dog kisses. Well, I guess they're an acquired taste and it has to be the right dog! I have to say I really prefer kissing Mol than being kissed by her, the soft part on the top of her muzzle is very kissable, but I am a little uncomfortably conscious of where her tongue might have been. Actually Mol can give really delicate, unslobbery proper kisses, just a little touch of her mouth, not licky ones - though Tom doesn't mind those even, I'm a little more standoffish! I daresay it all builds up the immune system, though.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a cathartic exercise to do. It is good to take the time just to do things that make you feel good. We do it too little in my opinion.

I think my list would be very different - certainly no Ray Marsden or dog kisses - but that is how it should be. it is good that people are so different.

I think itis good sometimes just to go out of thehouse with nothing - I don't mean naked!!! - no bag, no keys, no camera, no phone, no money - and just walk. it's funny that it feels different if you have no paraphenalia, somehow more liberating and takes any sense of rush or being contactable or purpose out of it.

Dave King said...

My philosophy exactly!

Rosie said...

great list...I'm off to write mine now

Lucy said...

RB - well, as I say, dog kisses are a specialised preference!

Roy Marsden, I think it's that snow leopard gaze he's got, but I don't think it's just sex. There's just something very compellingly watchable about him and his face, Tom finds him fascinating to watch too and he certainly doesn't fancy him. I feel somewhat similarly compelled to watch 'Little Dorrit' because I find Claire Foy's face so interesting to watch. And I enjoy the PD James stories too.

Yes, it's good to walk unencumbered, though if you don't take keys there has to be someone at home! I'm glad I've lost the sense of obligation to have the camera with me all the time, though occasionally I regret it.

Dave - Good! (CGP left you a note on the last post, BTW)

Rosie - look forward to that!

Unknown said...

Nice that you listed aubergines and a pleasing coincidence that only minutes ago I wrote a post which featured this strange and beautiful fruit/vegetable. A civilized and agreable list!

christopher said...

I had to go online to find out that aubergine is eggplant. I learned to eat eggplant in Bangladesh (only in 1967 Bangladesh was still East Pak.) Aubergine is such a nicer word. I wonder if anyone here in Oregon would know what I was talking about.

Aubergine is one of my favorite foods.

One of the things I really like about hanging out here is getting the chance to read your British English. In this case how French influences things.

Anonymous said...

taking the coast road through Yffiniac and Langueux instead of the quatre-voies.

You may not know how wonderfully exotic that sounds to a Virginian, or at least this one. I'm thankful for taking the coast road home through Gloucester and Rappahannock instead of 95.

apprentice said...

Lovely list Lucy, I'm with you on the lapwings/peewits -I love to see them tumble through the dusk

green ink said...

Beautiful list Lucy. I particularly like the image of pasta in a red bowl. I like red bowls too.

Bee said...

The juicy, brilliant orange of those clementines! They cut through the richness of December so perfectly. I like a pink grapefruit, too . . .

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Dog kisses and clementines. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

haha I just leave my house unlocked. If I run during the day I just go out and only take a tissue (cos it is not just my legs which run!!) - I do'nt take a phone or money or a housekey.

No-one would ever burgle me - the house is far too messy. They'd take one look and run off in horror!

Avus said...

A good list, Lucy. I can agree with most but draw the line at facial dog kisses (even as a dog person). I must admit I have never had the hots for Roy Marsden - can I substitute Joanna Lumley here please?