Sunday, November 23, 2008

Phew, and six of six.

Sunday afternoon, and since yesterday I've made it round everyone's blog who's been here and been so wonderful in the last couple of weeks, and a few more places besides, and I've put some pictures on Flickr and started Out-with-Molling again. I am somewhat bog-eyed but deeply satisfied!

Tom is doing very well, resting and being gentle with himself but very positive, and enjoying life and looking forward to things. As well as being happy to have him home, I'm happy to be home myself, and feel as though I'm setting about reclaiming things. Molly is happy that we're all pups in a basket again.

I have something of a backlog of memes and pro-formas to keep me busy. This one is doing the rounds. You take the sixth photograph from the sixth folder, simple as that, and don't mess with it.

My sixth folder is a selection I put together a couple of years ago, and I can't for the life of me remember why! This is the sixth photo in it.

It's some tracks in a field on a hilltop a few miles from here called, not strikingly originally, Bel Air. It is the highest point in Côtes d'Armor, the département wherein we live, and, though it is a plateau and rather wooded, there are some fine views out to the coast and into the interior. There is also a wind farm, very creepy little church and a somewhat seedy nightclub, and a few houses. The nightclub is a weird thing, I suppose it's sited there because it's miles from anywhere and so there aren't many people to be disturbed by it. The lycéens I used to teach had horrifying tales of roaring down from there at all hours of the morning in old cars with dodgy brakes and lights. However, it is a well known beauty spot, and the wind farm is an object of interest, and a lot of hikers and families trail up there at weekends especially, so there ought to be a nice pub serving food, or a tea room or even an ice cream van occasionally, but this is France. Still, at least over-development isn't a problem.
There were some rather more interesting pictures in that folder, and I was tempted to cheat and substitute this one for another, but that would completely defeat the object.


Zhoen said...

I'm glad you stuck with this one. You can post more of those photos later. Love the green and the shine off the puddles.

Glad you are all back together.

Roderick Robinson said...

I love the names of those lengths of coast in Brittany. One appeared in a beauty contest and you were invited to vote Miss Rosy Granite. I wish I'd hung around to find out what she looked like.

Pam said...

Glad that happy domesticity has resumed.

I've just noticed your comment on my "In Memoriam" post. No, didn't know the AS Byatt book; I've only read "Possession", years ago. I really liked it; don't know why I've never read any others. I will now; thanks for the suggestion. I've read all Margaret Drabble's, I think.

Great photo. I like the green dampness of it (of course, I am Scottish, accent and all. I didn't actually mean that a Scottish accent leads to nothing, by the way - look at G.Brown (mind you...). Just the combination of the apparently dead-end job, acne and accent. But I was entirely wrong, of course.)

meg said...

So glad to read things are settling & Tom is feeling so happy & positive.
I love that photo, it is just perfect.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Glad to hear that Tom is feeling better and happy and things are settling. Lovely photo

christopher said...

Lucy, I looked at your photo. This is what I saw.

The Smell Of Cold Rain

I look back at you
There beyond the tracks I left
On this wet hillside.

I didn't think I could leave,
Not like this, and not your life.

It's changed how I feel
About the smell of cold rain
Falling around me.

moe lauher said...

Lucy, I always learn something from you. Now, I know what a meme is. Come see what I posted as a response of my own. I think that I did it right.

Also, I'm sorry to admit I hadn't visited you lately so I just now read about Tom. I pray for his recovery.


Lucy said...

Thank you, chaps.

Z - I think I probably likes that spring wheat green about it at the time. I liked your sunny one too.

BB - I should think she was a hard-faced little madam...

Isabelle - Heh heh! Anyway, he turned the tables on you! I've not read much M.Drabble, but I don't actually think they're very similar, though one is bound to make the comparison. ASB started later and, I think, is of a different time, I think quite alot of Drabble is a bit dated now, perhaps. Angels and Insects is fascinating, not unlike Possession in that it's about Victorian preoccupations. I really enjoyed the Frederica quartet too (Virginin the Garden etc). I sort of got the feeling later, with things like The Biographer's Tale, she started getting a bit arch and self-referential and cleverbuggerish...

Meggie - thanks, we're doing well.

CGP - thnkas, hope you had a good trip!

Christopher - odd really, how an image suggests different things. I found it possibly melancholic,suggesting departure, Tom looking at it now found it hopeful, about continuation and possibility. As ever, a lovely poem.

Moe - oh, that's Ok! I always love to hear from you, and am pleased you're still about. Thanks for picking up the meme - it's an odd application of the word but seems to have caught on - the girls look gorgeous as ever!

Dave King said...

So good to hear you being up-beat about both Tom and yourself. May the happiness continue for both of you for a long time to come.

Wonderful image. I looked at it and wondered what had made it and how - the tracks look so deep.

Imagine there being a club way out there! At first I thought creepy applied to it - just echoeing my thoughts, I guess.

Elizabeth said...

Came to your blog via Bee.
I see you are having a rather difficult time.
My sympathies and hopes for continued improvement.
I saw the evocative photo on the other blog.
So very lovely.
Re a comment you made on Bee's blog.
Was that the Downs at Colwall? Run by the Singletons?
I was at The Abbey - a rather strange school in Malvern Wells.