Monday, January 05, 2009

Twelfth Night, and more frosty pictures.

In the winter wonderland stakes,

this frost beats snow hands down,

it hangs in strands and batonets,
and, better still, you can walk in it.

It even makes Plémy look quite pretty,

and takes different forms according to the surface it attaches to,

and it's worth getting out early for.

But now it is finished, and sliding into rain and squelch, which I'm hoping very hard doesn't freeze overnight.
The decorations are all down, we pulled a cracker for Twelfth Night and I wore the king's paper crown. Now I prepare to resume normal duties. I've sorted out a couple of things, a yes and a no that have been hanging around, and though the former was more pleasant than the latter, I feel the better for both.
2009. Bring it on.


meggie said...

Did you make your decisions in the early morning? I find it easier in the mornings... sleep on it, must be good advice.
Love those frosty pics.
Frost fascinated me as a young child, even though I hated trudging to school with frozen toes!
I loved the way it made the earth stand up on tall stalks of ice!

herhimnbryn said...

Please send frost!

Bee said...

Your frost is much more beautiful than ours! Perhaps I don't get up early enough for the really photogenic frost? (As I walked in near-dusk, I couldn't help think what an ice-slick the road was going to become as the temperature plunged.)

I'm glad that you are feeling so positive about 2009! I haven't quite got in the groove yet . . .

Lucy said...

Ice slick indeed. Now at 5.45 I've made one decision, which is I'm not risking myself and the car on these roads this morning, which means phone calls and cancellations, but still. Lots of neat heaps of grit and salt have appeared beside the roads around here this morning, unfortunately no one seems to have grasped the idea you have to actually spread it over the road for it to work!

Lee said...

9:30pm and 18degC outside.

Me? Smug? No, but comfortably warm, thank you very much!

Barrett Bonden said...

Delivery (of salt) is one thing, spreading is another. Both require different skills and different attitudes, hence the cars go skating off into the hedges as the roadside Cartesian debate continues.

Christmas decorations: a palindromic pleasure. It's fun to put them up and it's fun of a different nature to take them down. Since my job is to adorn the external tree (frozen fingers disentangling the baubles' loops of cotton) I feel qualified to make this assertion. Shriven of its glitter the tree is attacked with secateurs and ends up in neat pieces in the green garbage bag. Passers-by sigh.

Dave King said...

Lovely pictures. Usually one stands out in such a collection. Here they all stand out. Congrats!

Jan said...

WHAT a treat!
Happiest of New Years to you in lovely France, Lucy!

Rouchswalwe said...

No frost. No snow. Only rain rain rain here. Many thanks for these brilliant shots, Lucy!

Zephyr said...

Oh yes! In spite of everything, Yes!

i do love frost
and snow, i'm afraid.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Magical frosty photos! Beautiful!
A Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

Yeah bring it on! I'm up for it!

I am a summer person but I do love the white days of winter - when even the most boring of landscapes is transformed.

I'm glad you made your decisions. I always get a lift when I make a tricky one.

Michelle said...

Exquisite, Lucy. Your are such a talented photographer.

apprentice said...

What a spectacular air frost and beautiful pictures. I hope 2009 is kind to you.


jzr said...

Gorgeous, as usual!

marly said...

Lovely frost...

I, too, wore a paper crown. Hope you have much frost in that bitter but shining season of the year, Epiphany.

Your blog is always lovely, and you have poured so much industry into it! Puts me to shame.