Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nothing beautiful...

With thanks to Christopher for the quote, from a poem he left on my robin post. I meant to write a whole post round it but this'll have to do. It's eloquent enough.

We're all fine.


Bee said...

Where did you get that clear gilded sky?

When WP and I were walking today, we saw five white herons. Does that seem a bit strange? (I thought that they were coastal birds.) They were clustering with the crows in the fields, and then occasionally swooping up into the sky.

Michelle said...


This is how I imagine Avalon would look ...

christopher said...

Lucy, I am honored.

Remembering Avalon

The mage stood gazing
At the kingdom's lands beneath
The amazing sky
Of evening's sun
Thinking of Arthur, now gone
And himself younger
Than he was back then.

The farther hills called to him
And he felt by foot
The pack beside him.
Merlin spoke to the late air,
"I loved them all, all."

Lee said...

Lovely. Stay well.

Lucy said...

Thanks chaps.

Not Avalon, but the view from the bottom of the garden. It was Wednesday morning, not particularly early. It's Bel Air, highest point in Cotes d'Armor,; the things on top are not mystical spires and towers but radio masts. However, my slightly eccentric neighbour says according to her researches this was a druid village, it's name, meaning 'holly' in French, being of significance in the Ogham alphabet, so perhaps your visions have touched on something!

Dave King said...

Very enjoyable.

Lucas said...

This picture does seem to have a mystical quality and I can see the Avalon connection. The bird poised in perfect focus and the swathe of colours blending to gold give it the delicacy of a masterly painting.

Rosie said...

The weather here has been difficult to live in but beautiful to look at hasnt it?
I have never seen so many dawns with mists boilng up out of the fields into strangely coloured skies.

Dick said...

Good to see, good to read, good to hear.

Anonymous said...

I have only just discovered dawn. I don't think dawn was so pretty in West Wales - sunset was lovelier - but here in the east we get beautiful sunrises and mystical mists.

We don't get interesting birds in the garden though. My son is doing a bird watch this week for Beavers and spent several hours this morning watching his bird feeder but only saw blackbirds and our usual robin. We had a heron when we had the pond - he'd perch on the garden table.

It's a beautiful photo. I keep staring at it. But I must go or we'll have not supper!

Isabelle said...

Lovely photo indeed.

Re your comment on my blog - yes, I too look at myself when young and wish I'd appreciated my youthful looks. I'd like to have them now, anyway!

And no, I don't think having children is the meaning of life (she said ungrammatically). But probably having relationships - with spouse/children/friends/relatives is? Actually, having children means that one never has time to acquire much personal meaning; or that's my experience. But heigh ho. It's all interesting.

HLiza said...

I've never tried photographing birds..they always look beautiful in other's photos. Maybe one day..

SpiralSkies said...

*sighs blissfully and thinks this needs no more words*