Monday, January 12, 2009

Les Grèves

Well, poor old Rosie rang on Saturday sounding somewhat like the later Louis Armstrong, on account of how she had everythingitis.

'Have a nice walk on me' she intoned in gravelly fashion. So Molly and I went for our walk on the estuary without her and Porridge, so we could tell them about it.

It was rather a nice day, though chilly in the shade. There was the odd effect of the sea being lighter than the sky.

The marsh drains were still partly frozen. An egret pottered down one of them, looking rather like a grumpy old man,

and finally reluctantly flew off.

I succumbed to the temptation of photographing my own shadow. Everybody does it sometime...

We walked all the way to Cesson, where Molly got twiggy leafy bits of teazle and furze in her fur,

tried ice skating,

and looked all round for Porridge. 'She's usually round here somewhere...'

We watched and were watched.

Then we followed the waymarks back again.

Now poor old Mol has contracted some doggy gastro-virus, which necessitated a late afternoon trip to the vet today. So it's just as well she and Porridge didn't meet and exchange too many canine intimacies, since I don't suppose an ailing and vomiting golden retriever would help Rosie's well-being too much. The medicines seem to have now kicked in, but the worst of it is Molly has to fast and consume nothing but medicine and a very little tepid water until tomorrow dinner time, and keeping a cocker spaniel, even a sick one, from her food is no easy thing.
Get well soon girls!


Fire Bird said...

Sixth photograph is a gem

christopher said...

The White Horse

Sometimes the rail fence
Between me and the white horse
Feels like it's mine.
I mean as in me
That's fenced in, not her.
I wrote
This as a young man,
Used more words, other
Forms, submitted, rejected,
Maybe try again.

Catalyst said...

What a wonderful area you live in.

Have I said this before?

Well there. I've said it again.

Bee said...

Lurgies are lurking everywhere these days. I'm sure that it is something to do with the cold weather!

These are especially lovely photographs, but then they always are.

Lee said...

A lovely photo and word compilation. Thank you.

Dave King said...

The second and third photographs and the one of the horse really grabbed me. They are quite exceptional.

Roderick Robinson said...

The narrative tension you've achieved is similar to that in Rosie's Walk, a book all under-twos are now familiar with. This is not a left-handed compliment, RW is a compulsive read-aloud which I've been required to deliver over and over until pictures, text and my voice all end up in the same fatigued blur. Odd about the egret. They're supposed to be elegant, yet this one is definitely curmudgeonly (Thanks for the loan of the latter).

Kim said...

Sorry to hear about Mol! I hope she feels better soon. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful great that you have a place like that nearby. The picture of the horse really jumped out at me too...looks like something from a fairytale!

Unknown said...

A set of photographs of which you can be proud.

Rosie said...

It looks even more lovely in the photos than I remember it... how do you do it?
Sorry we couldnt make it, poor Porridge has not been doing very well for walks lately. Just as well she still likes chasing plastic chicken round the living room floor. I hope Mol is feeling better...

meggie said...

Poor Mol. do hope she is feeling better, & able to eat something solid.
We have had a wheezing Leo idea why, though he seems recovered, after a cuddle from me. He is normally so confident, & engergetic.
Mind you, this humid heat filled day would daunt the fiercest lover of heat!

jzr said...

I wish I could be there and see your lovely area. Hope Molly is feeling better and back on her food.

vicki johnson said...

i love these! 'specially #6 and the white horse one.
The robin is English robins. Yes, ours are giants in comparison. And those slide shows are addictive/time gobblers aren't they??

Lucy said...

Thanks all. Molly is much better, and beginning to eat properly again. The vet said she was getting about a dog a day with these symptoms, but the injection and pills started to work very quickly. She spent Tuesday morning pinning Tom to his seat in a mopey cuddle, but is much brighter now.

The horse looked quite old, and slightly uncanny, gave me a bit of a start.

I think the egret must have been very fed up that it has been prepared to leave Egypt or the Carmargue or wherever on account of global warming, then found it had to peck around on ice for days on end. They are graceful, but also look quite surly when hunched up!

Michelle said...

Stunning. I hope Molly's bounding around. She looks so cuddly.

Pam said...

I would be surly too, with cold feet in the ice.

Glad that Molly is better.

I liked your poem much better than WCW's, by the way.

Lesley said...

The shadow photograph is just so tempting though, isn't it?

leslee said...

Lovely photos and words - I too love the 6th photo and the horse. And glad to hear that Mol's doing better. Hope Rosie is, too!

apprentice said...

Yes, these a beautiful Lucy. I'm so glad Mol is on the mend. I love teasels, they are so architectural and they look good in all weathers.

HLiza said...

Get well soon for Mol..she's lucky to be with you. Sorry not coming often enough..I hope you understand..

Laura Frankstone said...

Such beautiful horizontality!

Lady Prism said...


Your pictures are so...captivating!

McGuire said...

These photographs as excellent. You normally hear the phrase of a quality landscape painting 'It looks almost real' but the odd thing with these pictures is they are real and they look almost like vivid paintings. Thwey have a clarity and coordination in colour that is quite startling.

The sixth picture is Holy.

Pleasure to find your site.