Saturday, November 07, 2015

The chimney sweep's dog...

... Joe Cocker, has grown a bit since last year, but is still as adorable,

those whiskers in front of his eyes are testimony that he needs a haircut - I was assured he was getting one on Monday.

He and the chimney sweep are still as besotted.

When his dad says gently to him 'à ta place!',

he duly drops down and settles into the driving seat.

We're sure to get our chimney swept every year now.


marja-leena said...

What a beauty! The fur on his ears looks like it's been braided after a bath, then released when dry.

Zhoen said...

Twooo wuv.

Roderick Robinson said...

Adorability in dogs. The problem with spaniel-ish breeds is surely the ears; they overdo the projection of helplessness, don't even look as though they function well for hearing, bring about a conviction that they're there to attract muck and - expecially - burrs.

But then the last dog I had any prolonged relationship with was Kim, my mother's English bull terrier. Nominally he was white but he preferred grey and rolled in dust to this end. The only regularly white patch was an area regularly licked clean by the cat. Kim was far from adorable once one got beyond the fact that he looked... well, dogged. His seemingly lidless eyes were pink-rimmed and hard to take aesthetically. Nor was his paranoia particularly attractive; thinking he was being laughed at (a regular misconception) he would stand up in his basket, turn and lie down with his back towards the kitchen. It is only now - at this very moment - I realise the basket was too small for him.

Lucy said...

ML - I know! I think he is very well cared for, I can imagine the chap spending a lot of time grooming him.

Z - quite !

Robbie - true about the ears, though I think perhaps somewhat muffled hearing might have been an advantage for gun dog breeds originally. However much spaniels melt me, I vowed after Molly any dog we had after would have a short clean coat, good skin and neat little pricky ears. I imagine this one is very well groomed and clipped though, and despite his owner's profession, in which he is his constant companion, he leads a very clean life in the immaculate cab of his van. I am still laughing about poor old Kim; some dogs seem to like rather small baskets, makes them feel cosy perhaps. His looks may have been endearing, people seem to love rather ugly dogs - pugs, boxers, bull terriers - as having character, I can see that.