Friday, November 13, 2015


I don't know what these rough shelled clams are called in English, they're praires in French.

Once when I went to the fishmonger on a Friday, as I did this afternoon, there was a girl there, a beautiful tomboy in a dark sweater and yellow oilskin dungarees, who had a silver pendant which must have been cast from a real mussel, it was so finely detailed. She wasn't there today though.

Looking in briefly now, will answer comments on the last post anon.


Ellena said...

No shallots, no wine? Save me some anyway please. Love them.

Watching the 'Paris News' and hope that you and Tom are safe at home.

Lucy said...

Thanks Ellena.

Yours was the first thing we heard, we turned the TV off at about 9 and didn't learn of the news. We are of course fine here.

It was coquillages farcies, grilled with garlic and dill butter. Not bad.

Zhoen said...

Tomboys and sissy boys both seem more beautiful to me, a sort of bravery to them that appeals.