Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rolled round in earth's diurnal course...

Again from our September Finistère trip. In fact, these are from a day when we drove east, and finished up on our Côtes d'Armor side of the department line. 

The coastal stretch east from where we stay grows more and more wiggly and remote with little in the way of settlement, and it's quite a nice surprise to come upon Locquirec, one of those rather archetypal northern French seaside resorts that puts one in mind of Balbec or M Hulot or some such. In fact there was a film made there back in the 70s called L'hôtel de la Plage to which it seems it owes some of its popularity, which sounds like it might be kind of naff but fun, with places we know in it, so I think I might have to get hold of it some time, except it's so obscure and French you can't get a subtitled DVD, but that probably wouldn't matter too much. Anyway, the place has a busy feel, even out of season, with clearly a fairly outgoing all-year-round community. 

So after we'd eaten lightly and pleasantly (fish soup and prawns and winkles and a glass of white, I think), at the Brasserie de la Plage we travelled past the numerous prettywhite sandy beaches down the river mouth and stopped and walked up the other side, by this time in the department next door.  

I wasn't inclined to take photos, but then an odd glaucous streak in the rocks on the beach caught my eye, 

and before I knew it I'd taken a whole stack of rock pictures,

and stone pictures,

and of course there turned out to be millions of micro-landscapes and characters within the rocks and stones,

and trees.


(There are some more on the web album)


marja-leena said...

Oh, drooling here over my favourite subjects including some taforni! Fantastic, Lucy.

I need to get out more and find some new beaches.

marja-leena said...

oops, that is "tafoni"....

Catalyst said...

Your rock and tree pictures should be printed and exhibited in a gallery. They are true art.

And I get an education. I learned two new words from you: "naff" and "glaucous". And then Marja-leena comes along and introduces me to "tafoni". This is a red letter day!

Dale said...

So wonderful!

Zhoen said...

Crevice worlds, full of wonders.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

That second photo from the top.... quite erotic in a Dali-esque way...breast with prominent nipple?

Lucy said...

Thanks dears.

I'd forgotten about tafoni, which I must confess I only ever learned about through Marja-Leena! These are only little rudimentary ones really.