Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A coasting post

Or rather a cheating one really, because I thought I'd just share some stuff which makes me smile from one of my Pinterest boards, the one where I put general pleasing, inspiring or funny things about knitting.

Three on Fair-Isle:

This is a character called Johnnie Jamieson who may be seen at the Shetland museum (though sadly no longer in the flesh I wouldn't imagine).  His hat is calles a toorie:

He's kind of Whisky-Galore-with-knobs-on isn't he? Magnificent.

This next guy is even funnier I think. He's quite beautiful too though, I think he's just out of a Rowan catalogue or something: 

I'm sure there are some who'd have the jumper off his back. I would, in fact, but purely to keep the jumper.

But these look the most adorable of all in Fair-Isle, no contest.

I think they came originally from the Shetland tourist board or something.

And lastly, one I fear is a little too close to the truth for comfort:


That'll do for today!


Zhoen said...

Love that first little knobby hat, although it seems very impractical in any breeze.

The Crow said...

I've always liked Shetland ponies and these little fellows truly are beautiful.

The blonde one sure knows how to strike a pose, doesn't he (she?).

The last photo did show, however.

Stella said...

I watched an episode of 'Coast' when a visit was made to Fair Isle. The woman who greeted the crew was wearing the most gorgeous coat and that drove me to the internet to search for Fair Isle knitters. If I ever knit anything so spectacular, I could never part with it. The images of the ponies cover all the bases -- too adorable. There's a scene in 'Cranford' where the cow is dressed in a big onesie. Love the old guy! The young stud is wearing something quite unimaginable.....he clearly doesn't have to stay dry or warm.

Lucy said...

Thanks all.

There seemed to be a problem with the last but I think I've fixed it!

Anonymous said...

Hehe brilliant!

marja-leena said...

Thanks for the chuckles! Love the ponies!

the polish chick said...

great photos. i'm with zhoen, however - never did understand little hats that sit perched on top of one's head. elderly easter european gents tend to like them in fur.

Catalyst said...

The pony costumes are the best!

Lucy said...

Gosh this post is popular, in comments and stats too. Goes to show you never can tell.

The precious young fellow with the cheekbones turns out to be called Ian Sharp, one of the top 50 male models, apparently. I searched for the source of the image on goggle, as you can, though I didn't find out what he's modelling, it clearly isn't handknits, though I picked him up, so to speak, on a knitting board on Pinterest. He does in fact seem to be a likeable lad, his mates and family leave affectionate comments on the websites where he's featured, and his auntie has a dedicated Pinterest board for him called 'My Nephew :-)', which as an affectionate auntie myself I warm to!

I haven't yet found out any of the ponies personal details though. I just can't imagine how they got them to put their hooves through the sleeves.