Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Autumn leaves

Yeah yeah, very pretty, I love all shades of ochre and gold and mustard as well as orange, as I said, and flame and russet and the rest, but just now

I've kind of had enough of them. The man came to cut the hedges, so this is what they now look like:

and this is the view from the kitchen window, which is all very nice, complete with pumpkins and washing-up liquid just before the rain came again:

And this is just one of the piles of leaves and cuttings I swept up:

They are piled on the terrace on a tarpaulin because this year we have a shredding machine, which we hope will transform our garden into a place of seasonally managed order and suppressed weeds (ha ha, I don't do LOL), but with laurel you have to wait a bit till the toxins have composted down a bit, so here they are providing an alternative view from the kitchen window. 

But there we are, it's what late autumn and early winter are all about, along with luxuriating in fatigue afterwards, eating tomato and chickpea soup with paprika and saffron (on this occasion, it could be leek and potato, or pumpkin and chestnut), and watching retro boxed sets which don't demand too much of one intellectually, in this case Star Trek the Next Generation. 

Which is what I intend to do next.


Catalyst said...

Thank goodness SWMBO likes doing yard work. Or at least pretends to.

the polish chick said...

another reason i like you - no LOL.

Stella said...

My kingdom for a pile of laurel! We have two inches of snow and a biting blustering wind today. (Can you hear everyone making their bookings for Florida?)

Zhoen said...

It is a warming exercise. Bringing in the leaves/bringing in the leaves/we shall go rejoicing...


Lucy said...

Thanks again.

Bruce - it's a job!
PC - Tom still gets confused about it, thinks it means Lots of Love. My French on-line buddies use it quite often which seems really funny, they can't know what it stands for.
Stella - it strikes me quite a few of my blogging friends live in near-deserts, either hot ones or cold. Such long winters must be hard, yet Canadians seems cheerful and resilient on the whole!
Z - it's certainly exercise, that's for sure!

Rouchswalwe said...

Oh, I'm glad that Tom thinks the same I do when it comes to that LOL thingie.

Leaves. Ugh. The horror. The slipperiness. Those dastardly leaves! (It will be a long, long time before I ever walk on leaves again!)