Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some souped-up scenes

Treading water just a bit this evening, here are some snapshots from our walk on Sunday afternoon, but played about with with some of Picasa's new gimmicky effects:

looking across the maize field to le Boissy, this is 'Holga-ish'. According to Wiki - The Holga is a medium format 120 film toy camera, made in Hong Kong, known for its low-fidelity aesthetic.

Looking inland towards Ploeuc, 'Lomo-ish'. Lomo is an acronym for Leningrad Optical Mechanical Amalgamation (Ленинградское Oптико-Mеханическое Oбъединение): old Russian cameras.

 Looking homeward from le Boissy, '1960s'.

Hydrangeas, le Boissy, 'Lomo-ish' again.

This one isn't edited, there really was this strange flash of sunset spotlight on the chestnut tree opposite the house.

(And I posted at Out with Mol too today.)


Julia said...

You don't look like you're treading water to me!!

I particularly liked the second image. It's very painterly.

missHLiza said...

It's nice having all this editing features..I never really know what Holga and Lomo is but I do use them sometimes. Guess we don't need to be so clever in photography, it's all there!

Roderick Robinson said...

Starting your posts with phrases like "Treading water..." is further evidence that the strain is beginning to tell. Next time you'll be attempting to beguile us with an internal description of your nervous breakdown. All I can say, L, is it better be good.

Incidentally here's a little tip to increase Box Elder's sagging impressiveness. Do what I do - answer every comment individually. That way you'll appear to be pulling them in. Often the list fades away in a list of single-word exchanges like a forum struck down with marthambles. But you win: everyone's a comment.

Clive Hicks-Jenkins said...

I think the tinkered-with images are rather good, though it would be interesting to see the pre-tinkered-with versions so as to be able to compare.

Re. comment boxes, I confess to attempting to answer every comment made at the Artlog. Looking back over the time it's been running, I see that a very few visitors have consistently commented since the early days of the blog. For the most part there have regularly been changes of visitor groups, making it feel like a club with an evolving membership. That shouldn't come as a surprise because I too have visited blogs where I commented regularly for a limited period. It's tough keeping up the pace over a long subscription, and though I rarely unsubscribe, I sometimes become only an an occasional visitor to the blogs I greatly enjoy.