Thursday, November 08, 2012

Eight things for the eighth

  1. My arm aches a bit, but I didn't feel the needle going in and only a little coming out, I didn't bleed, and we are both now flu jabbed.  Regretting the departure of both our friendly local garagiste and insurance agents, our doctor assures us he'll be around for a few years yet, then wants to talk about American politics, despite other patients in the waiting room.
  2. "There are things we forage for" says Michel Roux Jr, on being presented with a vegetable accompaniment of steamed ground elder, " which we should just walk past!" 
  3. Three very large white turkeys, two living, one dead, are looking lost on the large roundabout coming into Loudeac, clearly having fallen off a lorry. I'm not sure who to tell, follow signs to the mairie, but come upon the municipal police station first.  There they are attentive and take me seriously, and when I leave the town an hour later the turkeys are gone.  I wonder if anyone will get a free Christmas dinner out of it...
  4. A possible habitable planet has been discovered, and 'not too far away' according to the Sci-Tech text news, which is to say just 44 light years. 'The star HD 40307 is a perfectly quiet old dwarf star' a German astronomer says, which sounds a nice kind of star to be orbiting.
  5. Spelt beer, alcohol free as it's a booze-free night.  It's really rather good, or we think so, and they're our taste buds.
  6. Tom wants to talk, over tea and an Eccles cake, about things in his head, but the phone rings twice.  First it's someone trying to sell some kind of eco-energy, then it's J who needs to tell me of a changed arrangement, but wants to chat inconsequentially about domestic detail, which she can do when I see her tomorrow anyway.  I get rid of both of them very quickly without being rude.
  7. Cullen skink, made with leeks, best way to eat smoked haddock.
  8. My internet radio Christmas present is on its way! Guaranteed reception, and no more horrid crackle when the kitchen lights are on!  

And eight quite random photos from recent days. Shall I give them labels? Nah.



Catalyst said...

That mussels photo made my tongue tingle!

Roderick Robinson said...

I think you'd better come back to the UK for your flu jabs: ours are not only pain-free but sensation-free. And after-effects-free. Mind you, if your doctor wanted to talk sadly about Romney's defeat then it may be time to change him.

Getting rid of caller without being rude. Sounds as if that's the question I should have put to you when I asked for guidance on the formula for ending a telephone conversation in French. What did Tom want to talk about, anyway? Or is it secret?

Anonymous said...

Cullen "skink"! Here on the other side of the ocean early in the morning the word skink is making me laugh and laugh. I don't even want to look it up, as the combination of what I envision in my mind and the fact that you actually ate it with haddock is too delightful to dissolve. Thanks, Lucy. . .

- alison

Fire Bird said...

well, I'm so glad you can get Eccles cakes where you are!!

Rouchswalwe said...

Well that was a fun romp! Merci, sweet Lucy!