Wednesday, November 02, 2011

St Quay Portrieux, with dogs and teapots.

Well, the notes I've been shuffling about the matter of Rilke's window poems and my attempts at translating some of them need further shuffling together with typing up the originals, so here are some whimsical photos taken on a trip over to St Quay Portrieux .

Champagne on the rocks, with labrador.

A gentlemanly Jack Russell, with a leg at each corner.

Looking out to sea, waiting for our tea.

Dogs matching trousers.

The boyhood of teapots, as they gaze wistfully out at larger vessels who go abroad and see the world.


I am delighted unto pieces that the incomparable Luisa Igloria has been quietly storing up the matter of this post here, among other things, for wonderful imagery in a poem for All Souls week.  


I had soldiered on with Blogger's new interface for at least a month, far be it from me to be a stick in the mud, but then with enormous relief I flipped back to the old one the other day, and will stay with it until forced to do otherwise. It was just so nice to see it again.


Julia said...

Dogs matching trousers seems a very good idea indeed!

I think I'm going to switch back as well. Google's usability almost always leaves something to be desired, and this new design is true to form.

Catalyst said...

I love that first photo.

And the third one.

And the fifth one.

Guess I'm just a sucker for the sea. Wish I lived closer to the ocean.

the polish chick said...

a leg at each corner! love it!

dogs matching trousers seems one way to cut down on dry cleaning bills.

Zhoen said...

I do love watching dogs out.

earlybird said...

Love the matching dogs/trousers. Well spotted.

Roderick Robinson said...

I've never ordered tea in France (nor in Britain for the last half century), always imagining it would arrive tepid. But given Tom's view, with its mixture of tranquillity and marine techno-fascination, I might as it were have rented the impedimenta just to complete the foreground. During our visit I'd just successfully parallel-parked in a space only 7 cm longer than the car in Perros Guirec and was looking around for something to do when Mrs BB said "Let's have a coffee." To any normal person this would have seemed the most obvious thing in the world. But I didn't need a coffee and yet, I discovered, I did. Not to drink but to validate occupation of a chair overlooking the harbour where I could look at the yachts and listen to the tinkling marina sound. And suddenly I'd joined the rest of the world and I could have stayed there all day.

But yours is the superior view with the boats not tight-moored but separate on buoys, an appreciation of the harbour walls and an opportunity to gaze at that mystical line where sea meets sky. So long as I wasn't worrying about the tepidity of the tea.

Jean said...

Terrific photos - I want to be there! And the dogs with matching trousers just totally delights me.

Oh god, blogger is introducing a new interface - I hadn't even noticed :-(

Jean said...

Oh, I see. New interface looks harmless - what don't you like?

Lucy said...

Thanks. Tom's trousers are in fact navy blue - standard Decathlon tracky-bots, whereas Molly is black - with a bit of grey nowadays. But one does find it is helpful generally to wear a similar shade to one's companion animal. For this reason I am quite happy Mol is black as darker clothes are more flattering than light ones.

Tea - this was a bar which prided itself on nice teas, and my were they expensive! But they brought it across the road for you and it was very good. We have assimilated to the point where we will drink the lighter teas favoured here without milk, at least when we're out, which helps with the matter of temperature, about which Tom in particular is very fussy. This was Darjeeling, and very nice.

This is the old harbour at St Quay, the monster new marina is over the other side of the harbour wall, we saw it on our flight over the area, there's a photo.

It was very warm for late October, there were children playing barefoot and even one or two bathers, I think.

Blogger's new interface, what don't I like? I just wrote such a long reply to that that I ended up cutting it and deciding to use it for a new post!

Rouchswalwe said...

Ahhh. I feel better already.