Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Matters to smile about

A hard morning's rising, but tea and  toothpaste, orange juice and toast, coffee and marmite and marmalade, all combine to make the waking world a place where I'm happy to be again. 
The bamboo steamers stood stacked in the middle of the table like some marvellous dream; each time it seemed we emptied them, another layer was removed, revealing yet another filled again with the steamed dumplings. And the smells of plum sauce and honey, star anise and cloves sweetened the house for days.
On the road which passes through the market gardens on the way to St Brieuc, I pull up behind a tractor with a trailer loaded with Brussels sprouts. It makes me think of Christmas.
My friend G, he of the Gallé cat etc, has just opened a Wordpress blog for his paintings, which are glorious coloured abstract landscapes, or at least the two he's posted so far are.  He's being sniffy about blogging and says he probably won''t do much on it, so I reckon that means he has to be chivvied a bit.

(Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex.)


20th Century Woman said...

Ah, there's graveyard humor.

Fire Bird said...

oh i thought that'd be a link to G's blog... can we have one?

Lucy said...

Oh what a prat I am, that was the whole purpose of posting about it! Tired. The link is now there. He seems to be still tinkering around with it, the pictures are bigger than they were, but now the posts appear as a kind of slideshow... well worth a look anyway, even if there are only two of them.

Nimble said...

Just passing through...