Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The last day of November

The last day of daily posting, I've kept at it, though somewhat tersely some days, and now a satisfying number of photos can perhaps be shunted off to the external drive, and some old notebooks can also perhaps be stowed away, having yielded anything they're likely to.  And I can get on with making the Christmas cards.  Thanks for stopping by.

December, Advent, my birthday and the winter solstice and Christmas are all ahead; it's been suddenly, intensely cold, but beautiful with it.  I feel at peace with the season, and myself, just now.

The one below is not an old one, but of the moment.  It is missing an epigraph, but, to include the epigraph, I would need to ask permission, and I don't quite have the nerve to do that, so it'll have to stand alone.

Advent 2010

From blue ground under frost
layers of hedges and hills
the translating gold of beech leaves,

from the white field lying
beside the round stone tower
the lapwings' flight
over striped winter fields,

from the stiff and matted fur
and rigour of grief,  
from joy, ruin and rapture -

peace rises.



Fire Bird said...

A beautiful finish! Well done my friend, well done. We made it!!

Zhoen said...

May December be adventagious...

HLiza said...

Oh we're both December babies! I really admire your for blogging everyday..I can't!

the polish chick said...

well done, i've never had the wherewithal to commit to november.

Kelly said...

Welcome to December, it looks like it will be a good month for you as far as celebrating and sharing with others. I hope you have a great birthday and holidays.

YourFireAnt said...

I wonder who it is you would've asked permission from and for what.


HKatz said...

the translating gold of beech leaves
Your words startle me and bring joy - new ways of looking at the world.

Meggie said...

Oh to be at peace with any season.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, as all your posts are. Thank you, and happiest of birthdays to you.

marly youmans said...

Nice, Lucy--

I've been wandering through your days and enjoying myself...