Tuesday, November 02, 2010


The land of my birth has become a land flowing with coffee and cake, a Land of Cockaigne.

If I stayed there too long I'd end up like this.


Kelly said...

Those do look mighty tasty even though I don't think I could eat them anymore. Perhaps an alternative recipe will arrive that taste good.

Thanks for your encouragement with my attempt at a poem. I held it for a couple of weeks before I decided to post it. I will definitely write a few more soon, tonight is election night so I have to feed my hunger for political news.

HLiza said...

Hahaha...that second pic looks really scary..but the first one is nice to look! (and eat I supposed!)

Lucy said...

Thanks both.

Actually the really lurid cup cakes like these didn't appeal too much, though they're a novlety because the French don't really do cupcakes, but there were also some rather fun chocolate fondant fancies with Halloween motifs which we were tempted by. I also had to be very firm about passing up a delicious-looking lemon sponge in the shop where we had morning coffee (a gingerbread-flavoured latte, again something that hasn't arrived here and isn't likely to!). I was saving myself for a slice of coffee and walnut cake at the museum cafe, which was so good and so large I couldn't even look at another cake afterwards anyway, so we passed by the halloween fondants afterwards without difficulty!

I like French patisserie, and the more solid Breton baked things, but the English/American style sandwich cakes, cupcakes and muffins are something I do occasionally hanker for, and there are amazing quantities of them about when I go back to the UK, along with a whole range of reinvented coffee of which I am quite ignorant. But I don't really eat a lot of cakes and sweet stuff anyway, for my own good!

The sculpture was in the museum garden, I don't know if it represented the obesity crisis brought about by the omnipresence of milky coffee and cakes or something else... :~)

Fire Bird said...


christopher said...

Alas, in my old age I must be careful of such things. Just looking at cupcakes causes weight gain and a dramatic shift in my blood sugar. I can't afford shifts like that any more. I've been warned.

I wonder at word ver. How do they get these almost words?? telliken today. "Tell what I know??"

Bee said...

Oh dear. When viewed within this context, that sculpture really does look like the lardy folds of a big white stomach!

I was in Cambridge on Oct 27/28 . . . and you could have spied me drinking cappuccino and sharing a nice piece of lemon polenta cake. :)

PurestGreen said...

Cupcakes are good. Giant albino turd sculpture is slightly disturbing.