Monday, November 05, 2007

Every day???

I've been wondering for a while - well, a few days - what NaBloPoMo was. Zhoen's been talking about it, then Jean explained it (whose consistently high quality of posting is a hard act to follow). Post every day for a month. The month of November. So I'm five days in and it probably doesn't count.

I'm not sure why I'm doing this; I'm preoccupied and tired, which is perhaps why I think a bit of discipline might not be so bad. I've never tried to post every day, for various reasons. Partly because it seems too much to expect people to come and read it, and that's possibly another good reason to do it: I'm writing as a practice for myself rather than in the hopes of catching comments. Also I've a lot of photos I like but which I've never blogged because they've never fitted into a proper post, so they could have an airing.( I've always stopped short of a Flickr account, I'd never be off the computer...).

So, here goes. This is the first post!

And this is a picture of my left big toe, getting over familiar with a sea anemone. Mostly because I just posted this today on our family blog, where the subject of feet has come up, and it was all shrunk and ready to go. (The photo, not my foot).


Anonymous said...

Toe to tentacle
with a sea anemone,
what nacreous nails!

jzr said...

You are brave to post every day. I started out trying to do that, but I found that it took too much time from the rest of my life. So now I go for a couple of times a week and that works much better for me.

Your toe with the sea anemone is awesome!! Makes me think the giant follwoing Jack down the bean stalk!!

Zhoen said...

I've never aspired to daily posts, except as a temporary discipline. Weekly was my original plan.

robinstarfish said...

only 30 steps
through november's carmagnole
memorize the dance

Lucy said...

It's certainly not something I'd try to do all the time, I just want to see what it's like for this month, a temporary discipline. Robin, you and Joe H. are among the only people I know who post most days, and it's great, but you both have a format and keep it short and sweet.

I love both my haiku comments, particularly the reference to my 'nacreous nail', and the fabulous word 'carmagnole'.
Dave, Robin - haiku people, go meet! I'm sure there's a friendship waiting to happen!

Unknown said...

A historic meeting!

Lucy said...

What, Dave and Robin, or my toe and the anemone?

leslee said...