Monday, November 12, 2007

A cobwebby morning

These were taken a month ago. The fog and the light were such that I considered it worth braving the countryside of an October Sunday morning and the doughty French chasseurs - weighing up that although they couldn't see as well in the fog they were less likely to be drunk at that hour, and if I stuck to the roads I'd probably be OK.

Then it seemed as though everyone in the northern hemisphere was photographing misty morning spiders' webs, which was no reason not to do it myself, but I didn't get around to it anyway. Now I'm wondering about blogging out of season, as it were, when the moment has passed, posting things after their 'sell by' date... I'm not sure.

I do remember, though, seeing some really effervescent, vivid photographs of bees on summer flowers in the middle of last winter, and how they seemed to bring a burst of welcome light and sunshine and warmth. That was over at Andy's; he has also been egged on by Jean to post every day this month, and is producing consistently, enviably good posts too, despite many other demands on his time and energy, and frequently in the past being beset by self-deprecating doubts of the 'to blog or not to blog variety! Yesterday's, on Remembrance was one of the best things I read, heard or saw on a day when I always have mixed feelings. Makes my month-old cobwebs look a bit sad really!


andy said...

Ha! You haven't seen my post today then. Talk about filling space... Seriously though, thanks for the mention, much as I might at times debate the quality issue.

And the cobwebs are entirely appropriate to the season; I can just feel the clinging chill dampness in that third shot. I've yet to take a successful cobweb photo; I never manage the right combination of focus, depth of field and angle of light. Yours get it just right.

Sheila said...

Oh, Lucy, these are lovely, lovely!

Thank you for sharing them, even past their "sell by" date.

Last year sometime I had the funniest experience. From nowhere and for no apparent reason, the phrase "da consumarsi preferabilmente entro il..." came to my mind repeatedly for a period of time.

I never knew why it came to me, but it occurs to me now that it was an apt phrase to pay me a visit, as I seem to have a knack for saying things in the wordiest way possible. Leave it to the Italians to use five words for the English "sell by."

Anyway, the photos are wonderful.

And I just learned that I will get to be in Europe for the entire month of April if all goes well!

meggie said...

In our increasingly steamy heat, that misty coolness looks so inviting! Clever industrious spiders.

Lee said...

It feels chilly!

Anonymous said...

The nonth-old photos
of dew on spiderwebs:
cobwebby now.

Granny J said...

Photos, etchings or paintings of spiderwebs are always in season. They are wonderful creations and the photographer is particularly fortunate when the lighting is just right, as yours was.