Thursday, November 29, 2007


One cup of oats, one each and a half of water and soya milk. The vitamins and minerals make a long-nosed, wall-eyed face at me. A spoonful of syrup is a doubtful concept, more like a pigtail, not discrete.

Wishing for cream, I add salt instead, to satisfy the need not to be virtuous. Deferring the gratification of the syrup, I fold it to the bottom of the bowl.

Tom undresses the coffee pot.

( How, you may ask, does he do that? Here's how.

A cafetiere cosy. Made by my ever inventive and creative sister, she of the magic quilt, who had the idea when she saw us wrapping tea towels around said coffee pot to keep it hot. Silk lined and most effective, I'm sure she still has stocks and would take orders...)


Lee said...

Love it! Could possibly do with bigger, wider eyes, to reflect the first 'zing'' of caffeine for the morning!

Rosie said...

it's a bit too life like to be safe in my kitchen. Either the cat or the dog would have it...

meggie said...

Excellent idea!

herhimnbryn said...

Tea towel for us. I keep thinking I must make a cosy for the coffee. Talented sister indeed.