Saturday, December 23, 2006

Small instances of grace

Not much time this morning, as my early start has mostly been used up in cutting up and portioning out chocolate covered flapjacks, which were initially developed for the family of Oscar, who has to be egg-free, but have become the product of choice from my kitchen at this time of year for most of my adult acquaintance also. I shall later distribute them around the countryside, Little Grey Rabbit style (- except I don't think LGR drove a beaten-up old CitroenBX...).
After a crummy couple of days with many checks and reverses and small abrasions, many self-inflicted - to my self-esteem, and a failure, despite liberal doses of aspirin, vitamin C and L52, to resist this season's current viral infection, I came home yesterday to find lovely comments peppering my blog. This cheered me beyond measure. So thanks Rachel, thanks Pol.
Furthermore, on coming down this morning, the fire was still glowing embers. While nothing impressive in terms of the laws of physics, to me this is always a small grace which needs must be honoured with the application of paper screws, tinder, but strictly no matches or fire lighters, and now I have flames for company too.

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