Thursday, December 07, 2006


Now it looks like a photo again, which of course it is, a macro of a nasturtium, cropped and photoshopped into looking like a watercolour, which, when enlarged, it really does. For reasons I won't go into my Photo Shop is in French, which further confounds its, to my mind, already Byzantine complexity, but while twiddling my thumbs waiting for our garagiste to return battered BX to our door, his 10 minutes having typically elongated itself, I twiddled about with this.

I was at once childishly pleased with the trick, and also rather depressed. Why do watercolour painting, I challenged my spouse, when Photo Shop can do it for you? But of course, as we concluded, there is no process worth speaking of - barring my passing satisfaction at getting anywhere at all with my francophone version of the programme. And the result, however clever you and Adobe may be, is always dictated by Photo Shop. And, of course, you'll never make a mistake, which just ain't right.

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