Saturday, December 02, 2006

Later, or rather earlier...

Starting a new regime, I get up earlier when Mol first stirs and come down for some time to myself, then take tea up, after which Tom comes down and does his meditations and I catch up with a snooze. I like the kind of dozing state that comes then, just skimming the surface of sleep.
I've got some Russian liturgical music playing, which is just right, and M. seems quite happy to curl up peacefully beside my chair having beaten the bounds of the garden and eaten a spot of breakfast.
We're a little more settled to our grim task today having visited Emilie last night. She rang Tim also, our own particularly faithful gardener, who unhesitatingly agreed to come and help wield a spade, which lifted our spirits in the matter. Tim is a young father of a family, a dear, gentle and incredibly hard-working soul, who has made himself indispensible to a lot of people.
What's more,I found a lovely comment on the blog this morning from someone unknown to me, a guy in Maryland. When I saw there was a comment I was pleased but assumed it would be from my brother who I'd told about the blog, but finding a new friend who found me on their own is rather nice! So, thanks Moe, I'll get back to you soon.

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