Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday 21 July

~  A different kind of finch song in the garden, not for the first time, is that of a linnet;  this is the second year they have been around.   

~  Our ISP has been cajoling me with a 10 euro voucher code for photo developing.  I finally take it up before it runs out, and it pays for  the enlargements for the photo competition, another picture besides, and postage, so an unsuccessful submission won't end up leaving me too much out of pocket. 


Light on water, filtered through reflected leaves, is something I keep coming back to at the moment. 


Setu said...

Not a greenfinch? I must say greenfinches seem to be a bit invasive at the moment... See the ones (a couple) I met yesterday and today.

The Crow said...

Lucy, your phot here reminds me of the bayous of south Louisiana so much, that I half expect to see a water moccasin swimming in the shadows.

Hauntingly beautiful.

Lucy said...

Hello both.

Setu, no, there was a greenfinch singing at the same time, and I've seen this linnet chap in full song, they've got a sort of 'wooo' call in the middle of it which is not like the other finches. I'm not too bad id-ing finch voices, though the warblers largely defeat me. Linnets are much in evidence up on the cliffs by the coast around here too. The greenfinches are quite pushy, aren't they? The others seem to hold their own though, especially our noisy little chaffinches. I've not seen many goldfinches this year sadly. When we were feeding them in the winter, the greenfinches were really greedy bullies.

Crow - trailing viney type things over water look exotic, I guess!

Fire Bird said...

painterly picture