Sunday, February 17, 2008


White birch
Yellow dogwood
Blue water



HLiza said...

Hi Lucy, thanks for coming by my blog..and I see that you too love to play with photograph like me. This is absolutely wonderful collage you have here..such a peaceful scenery!

Sheila said...

Ahhhh....This is just beautiful. Today I went for my first walk in the month of February (due to the being sick and all)....I've been longing for sky and trees and water. (My office at work has no window, ugh.)

Thanks for this visual feast!

jzr said...

I agree it is a feast!! Beautiful work, Lucy!!

Helli said...

By George I think dhe's got it!

apprentice said...

Lovely Lucy. Make a great poster!
I saw my first pussy willows yesterday, they are my favourite things about Spring,

meggie said...


vicki johnson said...

Oh...Yummy, Yum Yummm! Just gorgeous...totally love this assemblage.

Jan said...

You clearly DID have a lovely Sunday, Lucy!!
This is stunning.

Lucy said...

Thank you.
Hliza, lovely to see you here, thanks for coming.
Helli, you too!
And all of you, of course.

In fact, the photos individually didn't look much, but tiled in a collage they have more impact.

Lucy said...

Oh, and Sheila, I meant to say, as I know you'll come back and read it!
I'm glad you're feeling better and able to walk a bit, it can be so lovely when you're on the mend, especially when spring's in the air.

Lee said...

Quit an enchanting effect.