Thursday, February 07, 2008

Cute moments between species

These pictures are not here as great photography, but for their cuteness factor. The pony lives in a very well-appointed paddock and loose box a short distance from here, and has as its companions two pygmy goats. When the horse is grazing, the goats scamper round its head and come about up to its ears. They seem very devoted. The other day I was driving past and had to stop sharply to capture this scene, unfortunately only with the little camera. Just after I took it the pony rolled over and tipped the goat unceremoniously off its back.

The foals, which are now nearly yearlings, no longer live with their mothers, but together. They are still very friendly and immensely gentle, and rather curious about a dog, who is quite realxed around them too.


Sheila said...

Oh, my, that is cute! Who would have ever imagined a goat on a horse's back? Precious.

julie said...

Oh, how funny! Animals are full of surprises.

vicki johnson said...


meggie said...

Horses & goats make great companions. There is a race horse -I think it is Irish, & the owners brought it out to Australia to race in the Melbourne Cup. It didn't do very well, & the owner admitted it has a goat for constant companion, & they should have brought the goat too!

Molly is looking very shiny!