Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Back to coffee and gossip with Fi tomorrow morning. One of the more unequivocal pleasures of la rentrée.

( 'Gossip' by Heidemarie Rudloff. Joe Hyam's Heidi, oft mentioned at 'Now's the time'. This post was largely an excuse to ask if I could put up this painting, which came into my head when I was looking forward to the prospect of resuming coffee and gossip sessions of a Thursday morning. Heidi very generously assented. To see more of her delicious work, go to her page at the Saatchi Gallery Online, which is a good place for a mooch in general.)


Pam said...

Interesting picture, but I love your beach scenes too.

Granny J said...

I like! But I think I would choose wandering your dunes over a gossip session.

Lucy said...

Time and a place for everything! but I think you're right,GJ. However, the regular pattern of work and contact has to have some compensations.
I'm not quite sure how benign Heidi's gossips are, or perhaps they show two sides of the gossip coin... My friend and I are not nasty or scurrilous, and generally fairly positive and kind in our chatter, honest!