Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dunes and beaches

North Finistere is full of dunes

and beaches. Largely empty ones.

Molly was here. ( Observe the paw prints.) She's not a very zen dog.

Albeit one who seems to have the power to levitate (observe her shadow).

"All I really want is a seagull. Or a tern would do."

And a couple of gratuitous closer-up images of natural forms. Because I'm like that.


Anonymous said...

Lovely sand dunes, and then the cherry on top - those last two fabulous images! Looks like you are having beautiful weather, I'm envious. It's stormy and Novemberish here.

Unknown said...

Glorious dunes. I remember dunes in North Wales. For a short while during World War 2, we lived in a wooden house on the dunes. It had no electricty. One night the sea came over the top of the dunes, and the next morning there were dead fish and drowned rabbits among the marram grass. Very exciting for a 10-year old.
How did you teach your dog to fly?

jzr said...

Sounds like a wonderful place! I have a Molly too, but she is blonde and only weighs 13 lbs.

Fire Bird said...

Lovely post. Thanks for taking us along on your glorious empty beaches

Lucy said...

Thank you.
ML - That was a couple of weeks ago now. It was quite fresh and sometimes misty of a morning, but lovely September weather by and large. Now it's mild but foggy and dismal; today was my first day back at work, I've grown slack about early rising and it felt very bleak trekking off into thick fog in the middle of the night,as it seemed. At this stage of the year this far west I find I'm longing for the clocks to go back!
Joe - you really have led a most exciting life from very early on; the episode with the house on the dunes sounds like something from an early 20th century novel, something rustic and rather doom-laden, the dead fish and rabbits quite macabre! Molly may be seeking to emulate the seagulls, which she has only recently developed an intense interest in; there were a colony of them roosting on some rocks a little way out to sea, and I thought I really might lose her, so eager was she to get to them. For her sake and theirs she had to have her long lead on after that.
JZR - is your Molly a cat? Ours weighs about that in kilos, so yours must be small. Molly is apparently one of the most popular names for dogs in English (French ones often seem to be Dolly!).I didn't know this when we had her, her mum was called Merry and her aunt Maggy, so it seemed to go with those, and just sounded spaniellish!
TG - they certainly are very empty in September anyway. Busier in the season, but plenty of room for everyone. These are kept fairly wild I think, without much settlement, roads or other development around them.

Zhoen said...

Paw prints are perfectly zen.

Such swirls everywhere.

herhimnbryn said...

YOur dog can levitate?

Gorgeous images of empty beaches( the best kind).

'Finistere', memories of the UK shipping forcast. I miss it.

Lee said...

Lovely photo story. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

and we are both writing about our recent visit to the seaside. i would love to visit the place you are showing us in your photographs...and what a sweet, sweet dog!

many years ago i had a setter and on one hot summer day i took him with me in a row boat on a lake. Everything was swell and fun...until a pair of swans flew over, very low...seemingly just above our heads... as they prepared to land on the lake. Obadiah (the beloved dog) leaped out of the boat into the water to try and chase them (even though the swans had landed at least 50 yards away). Of course, we were out in the middle of the lake, and he realized almost immediately that dog paddling that far, in deep water, was not a great idea and turned right around...with deep worry in his eyes. It wasn't too easy helping a very large, wet, worried dog back into the row boat without capsizing...particularly while i was trying to soothe him and not laugh. We both ended up smelly and wet...so when we got to shore, i went swimming...but he chose not to go in over his elbows for the rest of the day.

jzr said...

No Lucy, my Molly is a dog. Probably a maltese mix. Very Spoiled ... aren't they all? And she is not fond of sitting in laps!!

Lucy said...

Zhoen, thanks on behalf of Molly too!
Hhb - you do OK for big empty beaches too, I think. We are lucky, aren't we? I'm never quite sure if it's the same Finistere, or if the shipping forecast's is actually for the Galicia end of Spain. Joe tells me that area is now called Fitzroy...I haven't heard a shipping forecast for ages, they are so lyrical aren't they?
Lee - glad you liked it
Zephyr - that's a fabulous story! M has discovered she can swim only ever by accident, once by trying to walk on duckweed, another time ona swimming pool cover, and a couple of others, including when she was very small, she just sort of fell in. She wouldn't choose to do it but when it happens she's always inordinately pleased with herself!
JZR - but Maltese type dogs are supposed to be lapdogs! Ours just loves a lap, particularly when she's really wet and smelly.

meggie said...

I loved this trip to the beach. I love beaches & they featured largely in my life when I was younger.
The dunes look so like the ones I used to play among.

Avus said...

Delightful! Liked the levitating dog!

Jan said...

Wonderful and SO lovely after a weary-making sort of day.
Thanks, Licy!

leslee said...

Just catching up on your lovely photos here. Sorry the weather turned - it looks like it was gorgeous in these photos.