Thursday, April 28, 2011

... then there's more odd stuff at the puppet festival.

Of late both lovely sister and Isobel (maman du Princeling) have got interested in puppetry, from a making and performing angle respectively, so last Saturday saw us (Isobel, and I, and betimes Tom, Princeling is too small and has even less patience for sitting still watching puppets than Tom...) taking in the Marionnet'IC festival in Binic.

Lots of stuff, whimsical, quaint, touching, dark, disturbing, traditional, musical, theatre d'objets (object theatre, weird and intriguing but also kind of obvious, commonplace, found, improvised objects enacting things... ).

The only thing I got any pictures of was Cie Pelele's afternoon version for kids of Tauromaquia. .

I think they do a more complex grown-up version, but this one was quite simple.  Their characters are somewhere between Spanish processional figures and cartoons (I think), with Mr Punch-type squeaky voices.  There was a Moorish fellow,

who had to fight with a bull, rather reluctantly, it seemed.

Then there was Death,

who didn't seem too reluctant to fight with the Moor.

There was a lot of whacking,

and Death got a waggy finger in rebuke.

I can't remember who won, but the children in the front row chortled with glee, and we laughed a bit too.


marja-leena said...

Oh, what fun! I love the words 'chortled with glee', made me smile...

Bee said...

Puppets seem so French, although there is a puppet theatre in London that intrigues me.

I've never really understood why children chortle so when puppets are bashing each other. Obviously, they are naturally blood-thirsty!

Zhoen said...

I do have a soft spot for that Death.

the polish chick said...

zhoen, i thought you might on account of pratchett, as do i. this one, though, seems like a sort of macabre homer simpson, quite unlike pratchett's very dignified Death.

Rouchswalwe said...

I've just unpacked my puppets ... hand puppets and marionettes. I'll never outgrow puppet shows. How I wish performances were done here.

Belgie said...

I had fun when i first see a puppet show quit interesting.

Sheila said...

This is precious! We don't see such things here! Great pictures you got, too.

marly youmans said...

I dearly love puppet shows... Like that skull!

When I was staying with Clive, I had the Yellow Room (Marly's Room, mind you) with a big case of puppets including Mr. Turnip Head and Witch and Cat and so on. Very satisfying. And when there was a party, my room always filled up with puppet-gazers. And I had the fun at various times of taking children to see and guess at the puppets.