Thursday, April 28, 2011

More odd stuff in the garden

Such as crinkly things unfolding themselves,

and grassy things which aren't grass,

and goldfish which aren't gold,

and buttercups,

which are creeping things and our sworn enemies.  But we allow them sometimes, because they are so sweet.

Like cicely.

And forget-me-nots.


Sabine said...

So gorgeous! (What lens do you use?)

Isabelle said...

I love this unfurly time of year. Beautiful photos.

marja-leena said...

So lovely and fresh and giving hope as ours are not even in bloom yet with our cold spring.

Bee said...

Hello, Lucy!
What are those crinkly things, please? These are luminous pictures.
I came home to discover that all of my MAY flowers (peonies, wisteria, clematis, etc) are all out. Like you, we have lots of "weeds" encroaching, but as long as they are flowering weeds I don't mind them (much). The lawn is a carpet of daisies.

I really fancy your super-Brit menu. I hope you will relent and make your coronation chicken sandwiches. And please explain that cake!

Zhoen said...

Wow. Especially the second photo, but all are just wow.

the polish chick said...

considering that we are only now slowly starting to get some green grass and the odd brave pussy willow, your pictures make me want to hop on a boat and head in your direction.

Lucy said...

Thank you.

This early spring is OK, but sort of hasty, everything coming out at once and very quickly, not quite right somehow.

The orange crinkly is a Welsh poppy bud. It reminds me of Flaming June's dress in the Lord Leighton painting! (Or is it Alma Tadema?)

Sabine, I use a Panasonic Lumix bridge camera with a built-in Leica lens. Beyond that I can't tell you much, I am hopelessly non-technical about taking photos. It has a good zoom and a macro function I'm less enamoured of. I tend to rely on light and angles and backgrounds then cropping and a bit of other editing afterwards to get the results I want. The advantage of photographing things in the garden is having them always on hand and knowing what stage they're at and how the light will be at any given time.

Dick said...

Beautiful. Spring is well and truly sprung.

earlybird said...

Lovely lovely pictures.

zephyr said...

Lovely! i especially like that last one.

Plutarch said...

And Sweet Cicely, which you photograph but do not name, and which is supposed to sweeten sour dishes.

Susannah said...

Such wonderful photos, a joy to behold! Really beautiful. :-)