Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Wednesday 7 July

~  E's yucca is flowering, a tall spire of many thick white waxy blossoms.  I hope it last for a while so I can get back with the camera.  I begin to notice that yuccas are in flower all over the place.

~  I paint my toenails at last, two shades of purple - aubergine and a slightly glittery pinkish one - with an edge of dragonfly-emerald.

~ The pink oriental poppies are over now,

 but I just found their photos. 


Zhoen said...

Those close ups are ~almost~ uncomfortably intimate.

herhimnbryn said...

You have reminded me to scatter the poppy seed that has been waiting in a twist of brown paper on the kitchen counter.

Beautiful images Lucy. Zhoen's right too!

HKatz said...

The poppy photos are exquisite. I like how they also echo the purpleness of the nail polish you describe.

Fire Bird said...

last photo is awesome!

Clive Hicks-Jenkins said...

Oh I love these. Are they Mrs Perry? I have a few in the garden, but they seem not to have come as robustly this year as the flaming oriental reds. The pinks have such a dusty beauty, like taffeta ball-gowns bleached by time and neglect. And those bruised hearts. Ravishing.