Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sunday 4 July

~ I get a stroke of work done in the morning, and paint most of a window frame before the sun gets round, which should give it long enough to dry before it has to be closed for the night.  This gives added relish to a lazy rest of Sunday spent pleasing myself.

~ For lunch, asparagus,green - I can't be doing with the violet-white stuff . This also means getting out the little fine earthenware bowls, one with  glazed blue inside, one coppery brown, each with a single spot of slip decorating the outside.  They are just the right shape and size for melting butter and dipping the spears in.

~  A fine weatherbird at Pontmain. 


marja-leena said...

Loving these little daily glimpses into your life!

Dale said...


Roderick Robinson said...

Asparagus - the vegetable for adults. Eating it should be turned into a ritual surrounded by ceramic delicacies. But such rituals should must be flexible. The Bondens, living close to PYO territory, are asparagus hogs and need gouts of melted butter and huge platters to accommodate their unseemly appetites. Denied by poverty in middle age from this treat we are intent on catching up. Guests are never invited to this moment when all four hands enter the trough.

HKatz said...

I like the care and thought you put into food preparation. A lot of times I'm in a hurry and just quickly throw things together, and I sense that part of the process is missing. I love the description of the bowls.

That proud, alert-looking weatherbird is beautiful.

Rouchswalwe said...

Why, those bowls sound Japanese (the memory on my Nokia is on the fritz so only the text is showing up). I lean towards white asparagus given a choice and when its in season, but never turn down the green. I had some the other day with sesame and saké. Mmm.

Lucy said...

Thank you.

BB - PYO asparagus sounds like paradise. We kid ourselves we are being very healthy having nothing but a vegetable for lunch, but the amount of butter - plus bread and butter besides - is quite scandalous.

HK - well, we often eat from tins and do things the easiest way too, the asparagus had been in the fridge a day or two before I got around to doing it. Then I tell myself it's often just as easy to do something simple like that... but I'm no saint in the kitchen!

R - the bowls were from a little pottery fair and the potter may have been Japanese, was certainly east Asian, and they do make me think of Japanese ceramics. There's no photo of them here but I've taken them before - with artichokes I think - and will try to photograph them soon. I seem to think the white spergs are the German preference. Perhaps I should try them again... sesame and sake sounds good.