Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day in the evening

The rather jaded stage. But it's been a perfectly good one, as it usually is.

Quiet, of course. We've got the card sending, and commensurate receiving, down to about half what it once was (I don't quite know how, only a few people on the list have actually departed this life), but, lazy and phone averse as I am, I actually picked up the device and made a couple of calls, and received a couple more and felt happy to connect with the people on the other end in all cases.

In my somewhat frenzied bonfire of the vanities back on the summer, I threw out all of our Christmas decorations (except maybe I kept a small painted bell K sent us one year, if so but I can't remember where I put it). This is something I find I don't regret at all, we didn't have many but they had become a rather scruffy and slightly disheartening obligation. I strung up the cards we did receive, and bought a bundle of pretty red hand made candles when in England, we roasted a pintade and various stuffing-type things, including the the last packet of chipolatas from the freezer, and there was still a Christmas pud in the cupboard from last year, and we were festive enough.

I got a pair of socks for Tom finished in time, and best of all, it being Elfie's first Christmas with us, she was made much of, with very classy new piece of kit, a Julius K9 Powerharness in silver, no less. Nothing but the best for our girl:

We've always had a harness for her for walking and travelling; we brought an SPA one, with their logo on it, back with her from the refuge. It was quite well-designed but I always felt it gave her rather too much of the look of a charity child.

The legend 'best friend' was an optional extra, you can order velcro-on labels to go over the brand ones, they glow in the dark. We had to choose from a list, so we went for that on one side, and 'treat monster' on the other:

She also had a juicy bone, which I imagine was her preferred present, though she seemed happy to go out in the harness.

Happy Christmas all.


the polish chick said...

we ate sushi and drank a mediocre lambrusco last night, and this morning, our christmas breakfast was grapefruits by the pool. now mr. monkey is tinkering away on the car and i'm reading a novel. sometimes it feels good to dispense with obligations and just do what one damn well pleases. but i did get a tree - and this is something i am unlikely to outgrow.

merry christmas to the three of you! may it be a peaceful and joyful season with as much or as little interaction as you wish for.

Zhoen said...

Shoveled snow first thing. Dylan's parents, brother, SIL and nephews came by for lunch. All went well. Elder nephew is not quite three, fascinated by the tree, but handled ornaments gently, so I wasn't concerned. Glad we have a toybox.

Ruffles to your Best Friend and Treat Monster.

Avus said...

Sounds like you, Tom and Elfie had a quiet and calm Christmas, Lucy., The sort i have always enjoyed.

Best Wishes for 2017 and the future.

Catalyst said...

My very favorite kind of Christmas. I'm happy for your three, safe in your fixed-up home at this time of year. Elfie looks great and I'm sure the rest of you do too. Now, then, let's get on with a new year!

Roderick Robinson said...

The trick is to minimise the predictable and come up with a pinch of astringency, in your case the fact that you threw away the Christmas decorations. I may have gone too far, but goodness, you and I have been doing Bloggo-Christmas for a decade now. One has to consider the begetter as well as the begettees. In fact I was strangely moved last year by a couple of social arrangements and I mentioned this to Occasional Speeder (our de facto mistress of ceremonies). These were repeated this year and against all the underlying premises of Sod's Law they worked.

I thought you managed the cosiness very well.

Beth said...

Lucy, your Christmas sounds ldyllic. Ours was much too hectic, in spite of my intentions to the contrary, and this week I've sort of crashed into lethargy and refusal to do more than heat up leftover turkey. Our box of Christmas decorations is, at this point, both burden and joy: reminders of sixty years of life and making, friends and family, but so many have departed now that it makes me sad too, and I'm not even that old! I've thought of starting over, but haven't managed to be quite that drastic yet. However, NO MESSIAH this year! Usually I sing one and listen to two, but did neither, and didn't miss it! Do you know the old musician's joke: "I dreamt I slept through the Messiah, and when I woke up, I had!"

Lucy said...

Thanks all.

Agnieszka - I've often wondered how one can feel at all winter festive in hot places. I do enjoy Christmas, and like to observe something of it, including having a bit of contact with family and others, but pleasing oneself without guilt has become an essential part of the celebration!

Z - yours sounded nice. Elfie is duly ruffled!

Avus - they mostly are quiet these days. Living in another country from most of our families, and local friends seem to prefer to disperse and take it easy too, it's just how it turns out, but it suits us fine. Thanks for the wishes, and all the same to you.

Cat - yes, I shan't be sorry to see the back of 2016 all in all, but there have been very good things for us too, not least getting Elfie, and staying alive! (So far touch wood...)

Robbie - mm, ten years or so indeed, scary! Glad your arrangements worked, your daughters are lovely aren't they?

Beth - funnily enough I then remembered one or two regrettable things, such as a tiny stained glass ornament my late sister made, that I'd thrown out with the mini artificial tree that we'd had all our married life which had seen better days. I used to simply fold it up with the decos on it and slip it in a bag and get it out and do the minimum to spruce (!) it up. But I've appreciated having a bit more shelf for Christmas cards, bottles etc space and indeed, not being reminded too much of the passing of time and people by it. Liked the Messiah joke!