Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Wednesday 9th November

That's twice in six months getting up to news which I had fervently hoped would be otherwise, and a knocked-over feeling. Nothing much to add, but to say how sorry I am, for US friends and for all of us.


Back on track tomorrow, I guess, but I can't quite get with the day to day for today.


Dale said...

Not been a grand year. {{{Lucy}}}

Zhoen said...


Nimble said...


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I suppose that , after Brexit , we should have expected it .

Rouchswalwe said...

a tipsy micropoem I jotted down:

it may be a red state now
bloody unhappy,
but our county remains blue
so we gonna drink ale this weekend
lay plans, and then
roll up our sleeves

Avus said...

Let's hope that the executive are able to control him. Obama was not able to get his plans through congress, even though some of 'em seemed thoughtful and practical.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Protests going on all over America. Maybe this will energise people in constructive ways. I hope so.

the polish chick said...

shocked, angry, depressed, livid. what the everliving hell, world? 2016 has been a seriously messed up vintage.

Lucy said...


Dale, Zhoen, Nimble - quite. (And thanks for the hug Dale.)

S&S - welcome, thanks for stopping by. I suppose I thought, irrationally, this can't happen again, this getting up to 'I can't believe this is happening' and then going around feeling a bit like someone's just died. I worry about his foreign policy, and the encouragement it may give to other right-wing movements in Europe, and to Putin. I gather the latter, and Marine le Pen, were over the moon. I also wonder how much Brexit encouraged him and the people who voted for him.

R - thought of you there in Ohio. Bon courage.

Avus - as I understand it, Obama's hands were tied by a hostile, unco-operative, predominantly Republican Congress, there may not be a parallel here inasmuch as the GOP has taken control of Senate and House of Representatives. However, let us hope that there may still be enough checks and balances, and enough Republicans who mistrust him and his takeover of the party. Indeed, he may have no intention of carrying out many of his most outrageous proposals, but as Tom said, that still makes him a shit, since he conned people into voting by appealing to their worse nature and can't be trusted.

Natalie - let's hope so.

PC - all those things I understand.