Saturday, May 14, 2016

Elfie at Kerbiriou

... where she had a really rather marvellous time, as did we. We took endless walks, around the Kernéléhen peninsular

on paths and lanes some of which I'd not discovered before,

and on the rough stony beaches, getting her first taste of the sea, I think,

which often made her rather thirsty:

She lounged in the garden when it was sunny, watched out for the local wildlife and helped Tom out with his sudoku,

and showed herself to be the Angel-Under-the-Table in every restaurant and bar we went to, lying down calmly inside or out, with the minimum of fidgeting or groaking.

As usual she was often admired; Yvette at Kerbiriou asked if we had gone to Callac to get her, which is where all the best épagneuls bretons* come from, it seems, there is even a museum about them there. 

We also very much enjoyed being in a place where people walk and socialise their dogs rather more than they do round here - although the day before we left I had met up with Iso and Princeling at the lake in Lamballe, which is quite a busy, sociable place of a Sunday afternoon; the lad, who is now eight, took her lead for long stretches and was very sensible, and it was almost like giving her total freedom, since he was happy to run back and forth and round trees and into long grass after her, which gave his mother and me the opportunity to natter while boy and dog entertained each other. But during our trip away I think we met more dogs and dog owners than in all the time we've had her, all of them friendly and responsible, whether on the long promenade walk at le Dourduff, or the cliff paths round the peninsular, or pavement walking in Morlaix, and it was rather fun. 

Then, when we got home, there was a parcel waiting for us. G and A (Sidney, Milly and Peggy's humans), who, we have decided, are now appointed her god-parents, had sent her the most beautiful, elegant and luxurious, hand-made, soft, rolled-leather collar** in a gorgeous shade of tangeriney orange, which tones even more fetchingly with her coat colour than turquoise complements it, and is generally a far classier piece of doggy apparel than her nylon webbing one. They also included two matching ID discs with our name and phone numbers, one of which is on the collar, the other on her harness.

So she is surely the most wondrously caparisoned dog in all of Brittany, and will be even more admired than ever. She certainly seemed to enjoy modelling.

*in fact them more I look at stuff about pure-bred Brittanies, even French ones, the more I'm inclined to think she's not completely typical, may even have a bit of border collie in the mix somewhere, which Emmy the vet was inclined to think possible too.

** from Dogs and Horses, no less! 


tristan said...

all that fresh air !

Soize said...

la dernière photo est extra ! elle est vraiment expressive.

Zhoen said...

Beautiful new friend. She seems to enjoy traveling as much as you do. Maybe she didn't know what to make of salt on the fur, had to keep tasting.

Good to hear of places with lots of dogs and good dog-people being responsible. We have a lot in this neighborhood, but not all by any means.

Avus said...

Sounds like y'all are getting along fine together, Lucy. She certainly seems a sweetie in temperament and looks.

Your new cross-head photo reminds me so much of the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. We had to traverse the whole world to get there and your view is almost round the corner from us in Kent!

Anonymous said...

Ah she is so beautiful :D

the polish chick said...

what fun!

Lucy said...

Thanks people.

Tristan - yes, we slept rather well!

Soize - c'est vrai, elle est topmodel!

Z - I don't think she'd encountered the sea before, or not at close quarters, she tried to run up and drink it. She also had a really funny wild couple of minutes on one soft sandy beach, jumping and barking and generally losing her demure demeanour.

Avus - she is good, though still unpredictable to us in some situations. We've got onto an English trainer not too far from here whom we all like, and hope she'll help us to build a bit of confidence. I've been to the Bay of Islands! My sister took us there in 2006. It is beautiful. The bay of Morlaix isn't quite so exotic, but is still one of my favourite places in the world, and at high water very beautiful. We were lucky with the tides and the light this trip, and it was quite ravishing at times.

Chloe - thank you, we think so! I'm wondering about commissioning a picture of her from you, I can imagine her against a seashore background all patched and stitched and flowery...:~)

PC - it was indeed!

Catalyst said...

She continues to be a beauty and certainly seemed to enjoy her outing. SWMBO and I were amazed at the dogs we saw in bars and restaurants in Belgium and France when we were there in '85. All perfectly well behaved and tolerated by all. It's different over here in the Colonies.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lucy, a bit late with my reply! I'd love to do an Elfie embroidery one day :D

EIP said...

Isn't she a cutie, lovely to see her enjoying the great outdoors too!

HKatz said...

The photo of Elfie on the rocky beach is stunning.