Saturday, June 13, 2015

20 minutes: dogs in the Palais Royale gardens.

Ah well, so much for every day, still, 36 rather than 24 hours will have to do.

So, twenty minutes before lunch, let me see...

Dogs of the Palais Royal gardens, from our early May trip:

A standars poodle, caniche royale, an unusual sight in the land of the poodle, I wondered if dog and owner went to the same hairdresser?

Some form of shih tzu type thing, sporting a Burberry check frock and Elizabethan collar, presumably under doctor's orders. The suave Parisian gent looks up from his magazine with an appraising eye (the dog wasn't his).

Shih tzus seem to predominate. The elderly lady who sat near us firmly told her piebald one it was not coming up on her lap, yet when the white dog, arriving with its owner, saw her from across the gardens it raced up and leapt straight into her arms, amid much laughter and general pleasure in greeting.

A while back I heard a dog specialist deploring the vogue for border collies as pets in London. True you might think, yet it seems to me a well-cared-for city dog's life can be busy and sociable and full of pattern, not bad for a border at all, when I think of the lonely, neglected, hungry lives, whether cooped-up or dangerously at liberty, some of them out here in the countryside lead. This pup seemed to be happy and well socialised, with some very posh friends.

Generally a good spot for people and dog watching.


Twenty minutes precisely!  


Zhoen said...

Dog watching is even better than people watching, which is saying a lot.

Ellena said...

I want a dog, no, I NEED a dog! Uplifting photos.

Catalyst said...

That's how I like dogs. Owned by someone else!

Anonymous said...

Ah lovely dogs :D

Steve said...

Some nice looking dogs.

HKatz said...

Lovely post. And a pleasant reminder that I plan to visit one of my brothers this evening… his dog is a delight.

The Burberry check frock for the dog is hilarious. Only quality apparel for a Parisian dog.