Friday, November 01, 2013

Fire, rescue with quinces, Mashrou'Leila

1: The radiators are barely coming on yet but we feel chilly and damp.  The beginning of November justifies the first fire of the winter, and our day and our mood lift enormously.

2: B the German Doctor discreetly hints by e-mail that the Quiet American might like an excuse to take a breather from family responsibilities. An hour or two later he is on our doorstep with a box of quinces, and needs very little persuasion to sit by our fire for a little and talk about Indian food.  Grandchild worship is wearing a little thin, it seems; our house is quieter.  I don't quite know what I'm going to do with the quinces, but they are making the back extension smell very nice.

3: My recent, limited, forays into Arab indie music have also yielded Mashrou3Leila.  Lebanese, sometime students of the American University of Beirut, some boys and a girl, an openly gay lead singer, I don't understand what they're singing about, and it may be deceptively political and serious, but it seems fun and lively, and as a lover of aubergines, I couldn't but respond to this:



the polish chick said...

i love it! a video/cooking show!

the polish chick said...

also, this seems simple and tasty:

the polish chick said...

or, if you have apples, there's this:

from one of the lovelier food blogs out there.

Natalie D'Arbeloff said...

A fusion of Arab and Cuban styles of music, sympathetic faces and cooking - I love it!

Nimble said...

I look forward to watching the video. I appreciate you sharing your exploration in this area.