Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Red bus lemon cupcake rose door white cats

on London bridge

a hand with coffee

in Saffron Walden

Blue (and his brother Zig)


A mighty fine trip to the UK.  While carrying the camera everywhere, I was often too busy enjoying myself to use it, and there were few paparazzi moments, but I'll post more over the next few days. 

I have new glasses, including reading glasses, which I've not had before.  I was taken to see War Horse without being told where I was going, met up with Tunbridge Wells' finest, and went to choral evensong at King's College Chapel,(yes I know I said I don't do congregations but this is a bit different) and more besides.  As I say, spoiled rotten.  


Zhoen said...

Great cats. I love the bus.

Fire Bird said...

so that's where you've been

zephyr said...

and you've been painting/playing with pixels!
Very fun!!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love the sparks of colour in the monochrome photos and the cats are very handsome! Glad you had a good trip!

Rouchswalwe said...

Spots of fabulous colour. The previews of Warhorse in the movie theatres here already had me reaching for the hankies ... ei jei jei.

Roderick Robinson said...

And did you climb Mount Sion (with all sorts of literary and biblical associations passing through your mind) and go in through the cramped wrought-iron gateway? Not a day for sitting in the narrow slot of garden on the right where one would be almost on the pavement if it weren't for the huge hedge behind which one may eavesdrop (Plutarch fashion) on passing pedestrians. And then up the steps (a sort of Mount Sionette). Welcome to Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Roderick Robinson said...

Or arrive by car? In which case, where on earth did you park?

Anonymous said...

I have just got a third pair of glasses - only for computer use - ie they are just middle distance and reading (I wear varilux lenses all the time and reading glasses to read in bed) but these computer ones are totally brilliant. Should you feel the need for a third pair.

Lucy said...

Thanks chaps.

Z - not your classic red Routemaster London bus, which are no more, but these new ones with their big front windows are fun.

FB - I did mention at the end of the last post - just a 4 day trip being made a fuss of by my sister, whom I also persuaded to take an excursion to TW, and my niece and her chap, who fed me and drove me about a lot too.

Ze - that's a Picasa 'focal black and white' effect. With my old camera you could get it to pick out a certain colour when you took the photo, which I expect I could also do with Photoshop if I could be bothered to use it. This one's quite nice for highlighting just one object, as long as it's fairly round!

CGP - thanks, it was lovely. Your name was mentioned in TW, by the way!

R - I looked at the trailer on-line too. I'm not quite sure I want to see the film, though I'll probably end up doing so. It looked a bit like Champion the Wonder Horse meets Saving Private Ryan - (Saving Private Horse, perhaps...?) The stage show was pretty amazing, but such a heady mix of images and sound, puppetry and music and superb stagecraft generally, and the action so stylized and balletic that it was quite a different experience from what I imagine translating the story into film would produce. I got quite teary though not always in the places I expected. Anyway, it was the most wonderful surprise.

BB - we, my sister and I, arrived by train, and after quickly being introduced to The Compasses, we were indeed able to sit in a patch of sun behind the privet hedges. We sat down to roast lamb and a bejewelled couscous, and by the time I looked at my watch over the tarte Tatin and coffee I realised we had already missed the early evening train which I had hesitated to aim for since I was convinced we would long since have outstayed our welcome by then. We caught the next one, with an effort, only because we had to get back to Essex sometime before midnight. Time must move differently on the slopes of Mount Sion.

MangeTout - in fact the readers are most suitable for computer glasses, and really the eye doctor prescribed them as such. The new prescription for long distance is much better than my old ones and covers a wider area of focus,which is a huge relief, and I'm still just as happy curled up with a book, or eating, without glasses, but the computer screen, especially on the mini laptop, is so much more comfortable to read now. Good old Specsavers; eyes are the one area of healthcare where we aren't so well served here, I don't know if you find that.