Friday, August 14, 2009

Three invertebrate haiku

Spider and thistledown

Frustration all round
in a conflict of interests.
We all make mistakes.



Red dragon couchant
on a green ground, long enough
to stay in focus.


Snail under blackberries

Pace of life too much?
Find a place to hide away,
pass fruitful hours.

(* Dragonfly identification proves difficult. I think it was a sympetum.)


marja-leena said...

Love the top photo the most of the three lovelies and haiku. Hope things are OK over there?

herhimnbryn said...

Beautiful vignettes Lucy.

Lucy said...

Thanks both.

ML - no, everything's fine. I reread the haiku in the light of your comment and see that they do seem to have troubled themes but that's nothing to do with my life, thankfully, I'm just having fun at the expense of the spider and the snail!

Granny J said...

Of the pictures, it is number one; of the haiku, I like the dragonfly (having recently photographed a red in my yard.)

PurestGreen said...

These are beautiful. I especially love "fruitful hours." Would be a good name for a book.

HLiza said...

I've never really dig about haiku..but what you wrote were beautiful..and need I say about the pics too?

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely selection, nicely observed...

Dave King said...

Excellent, all of them, but the second one I found completely captivating.

Rouchswalwe said...

Lucy, are you really Japanese?
I shall raise a cup of cold Saké to you tonight.

Pam said...

I too have never been particularly impressed by any haiku (haikus?) I've read (not that this has been many) but I really enjoyed yours.

Snails also enjoy my clematis flowers, hiding behind the leaves during the day just like that.

Lucy said...

Thanks again.

Haiku - I think the plural is invariable, like kimono - are no big deal, and these are probably not really in the true spirit. I just find they're a good way to blog a quick something and use odd photos that I'm pleased with but which wouldn't necessarily fit in any other post.

Rouchswalwe, my tippling friend, I am quite partial to sake; here the Vietnamese restaurants serve it in very rude little cups. I once also had some with a Japanese friend which had bits of gold leaf floating in it.

Roderick Robinson said...

You were well out of it with sympetum; stressed first syllable (I'm supposing) would have posed awkwardness.

On my trip to Japan none of the other journos liked sake and so - as a kind gesture - I drank all theirs. Some sake came in cans with a central tube containing a chemical that reacted with air. Open the tube and the ensuing reaction heated the sake. Neat.

Bee said...

These are so charming, Lucy.
We are heading for the Lake District tomorrow and I hope to "pass fruitful hours" there.

The Crow said...

All good, to my eye, Lucy, and I especially like the red dragon.


Dick said...

Perfect pairings again, Lucy. Delights, all three.

Sheila said...

I love these!!