Wednesday, October 29, 2008

While the tea's brewing...

I think I've just got time for a quick meme that both Spiralskies and Lesley at Peregrinations tagged me with. In fact it's very similar to one I did a bit over a year ago, but some of the questions have evolved and changed, and it's quite a satisfyingly quickfire one, so I'm up for doing it again.

(There was a little picture award thingy that went with it, but I must say I don't usually bother much with those. I heard somewhere recently they sometimes have nasties in them, is this so?)

Hair colour - grey getting greyer, we've talked about this.
Mother - the same age when I was born as I am next birthday. I suppose I was a miracle child, though I've never had that impression...
Father - brought me tea in the mornings. Advised me to look up at the sky through the leaves of the trees.
Favourite thing - just one? Looking at the sky throught the leaves of the trees. (There are many more...)
Dream last night - mm, no very nice ones, mostly involving hopitals and unpleasantness. The night before I had a good one about how Zhoen was actually a pilot, and all the difficult painful exercises she's had to do lately were really training for that, and she was very happy and very competent and flying us somewhere nice.
Dream goal - don't follow football.
Room you're in - intermediate space between kitchen/eating space and sitting room space, location of bookshelves, computer desk. We don't really do discrete rooms here.
Hobby - small fast-flying falcon, the only thing that can catch a swallow, French faucon hobereau. Occasionally one swings by here in late summer early autumn, bringing intense wonder in its wake.
Fear - violent death. Well, you did ask.
Where you want to be in 6 years - why 6? Roughly where I am now would be fine.
Where you were last night - roughly where I am now, give or take a few metres.
What you're not - oh, many things, probably more than what I am...
Wish list item - Don't have a wish list. A rug for the sitting room space would be nice, but we haven't seen one we both like.
Where you grew up - small town, Home Counties, down in a valley between a woodyard and a pet-murdering main road. Not quite as bleak as it sounds.
Last thing you did - read those words.
What you're wearing - grey jeans, nurdy brown fleece top, Jim Thompson silk scarf Lovely Sister brought back from Thailand in every subtle kind of blue/green/purple/grey. I love it I love it I love it.
What you're not wearing - a boxer's gumshield, hair lacquer.
TV - mostly crap.
Pets - Molly rejects that job description.
Computer - necessary to do this. Touchwood no blue screens lately
Mood - sometimes enhanced by wine.
Missing someone? - My youthful self? No, that's bollocks, I was a pain. No, no one specially at the moment.
Car - rusting red thing with four wheels out on the drive. But since the arrival of the Xsara, mine all mine!
Favourite shop - oh lord I don't know. The one that's got what I'm looking for at the time. Oh, I know, Tartapain bakery, but it's a den of iniquitous temptation, what with lemon tarts and bacon and onion baguettes and kouignn aman...
Summer - not the easiest I ever had. Still, mustn't grumble.
Love someone? - What me? Nah, can't be doing with that sort of thing.
Favourite colour - that which is appropriate to the object whereon it is. Yellow is lovely on daffodils but awful on me, for example.
Last time you laughed - probably at something daft.
Last time you cried - probably at something daft.
I shan't tag anyone, but pick it up if you fancy.


Dave King said...

All of which leaves me to think that you have a well-rounded, well-balanced personality - which I'd already guessed, anyway.

Zhoen said...

Well, since I seem to be invading your dreams... sorry about that.

Oh, go ahead and grumble, won't hurt.

Anonymous said...

You are at that fruitful point in life where change is not particularly helpful, it seems. Very interesting!

The new leaf at top is splendid.

Lucy said...

Thank you. A fairly unremarkable post really.

Dave - thank you, you're a sweety.

Zhoen - not at all, it was rather nice to see you there! I really don't feel inclined to grumble, just thankful it's improved and it wasn't worse...

Marly - I hope it's fruitful... As Talking Heads said - heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.

Rosie said...

violent death isnt on my wish list either...

HLiza said...

It's quite a long list..but to read what you answered is fun! Well it is difficult to specify one favourite thing from the many choices we have.. I normally dread those questions. Ha ha have a nice day both of you!

green ink said...

I love these things. Always so insightful, these delicious tiny details. Great learning more about you.

Roderick Robinson said...

Way behind the times, I thought Dawkins' meme was something quite different. Not only is it the same thing but the dicker tells me he coined it in 1976. I tried to guess from your answers whether you like your tea weakly or strongly brewed (see headline). Somewhere in between, I think - an answer in keeping with many of your elegant evasions.

vicki johnson said...

My favorite of the bunch (your responses, that is) was to "Dream Goal"...thanks for provoking a genuine laugh out loud moment.

Lucy said...

Cheers again.

Rosie - no? so it's not just me then...

Hliza - no, how can one have just one favourite thing! I can hardly answer any questions about anything without thinking for a long time...

Philippa - hello again! I think that's quite a nice thing about these kind of memes, things you might not otherwise get around to mentioning.

BB - now I've been throuhg explaining the linguistic evolution of the term meme to its specific application in a blogging context with Plutarch. It bears little resemblance to its original definition, though it has, it seems, also acquired a more generalised usage as simply any form of unquestioned received idea. For which we had already the term 'received idea', dating at least back to Flaubert (thanks Joe...), so quite why we needed evolutionary biology to supply us with another I know not. Apparently Dawkins has of late rather distanced himself from the whole idea of a meme, as treating an idea with no physical existence as a biological reality in the same way and following the same pattern as a gene is not really
in keeping with the creed of empirical rationalism and biological determinism... anyway.

Zephyr - glad you larfed. A useful quip to conceal the fact I am sorrily without ambition or direction in life!

French Fancy... said...

Hello again, it's been a while

Those Jim Thompson scarves are beautiful, aren't they? I remember visiting his house and it was truly a treasure trove of unusual things. I seem to recall he disappeared in mysterious circumstances - maybe it was on Halloween.

Lucy said...

Hello French Fancy! Long time no see. Glad someone picked up on the Jim Thompson scarf. It's one of the loveliest things I own, I think. My sister told me something about his unusual story and disappearance.

Lesley said...

How strange, I don't recognise some of these questions so either I answered them on automatic pilot or the meme is circulating in slightly different versions. Or perhaps, you sneakily added a few of your own?