Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Walk on the beach - mostly monochrome

When Porridge and Molly go out together, they look like a whisky advert.
So I'm giving this post a black and white theme.
Except where colour is justified.
As has already been noted, we went for a walk on the beach.
The things in the photo below look like sinister alien toadlike creatures - perhaps they were.
A storm blew up, it was quite dramatic.
And we all got quite wet. So we climbed up onto the old railway path, and looked at the beach from there.
And also inland.

And then we went home.

( Follow the link to Rosie's lovely post of the day, with great doggy pics!)


HLiza said...

Lovely scenery you've got there..you're so lucky to be surrounded by beauties all over. Yeah..but beauty will always be around you if you stop and look for it. Lovely post for my soul..

julie said...

You live in such a beautiful place, Lucy! And it looks mighty cool and refreshing, compared to here :)

Rosie said...

I think you have very successfully demonstrated the danger of being bowled over when Porridge charges at us with such enthusiasm. Great pics. I clicked on them to see them writ large...

The estuary looks spectacular in your photos...dramatic and deserted and enormous. Nice to think that it is virtually our own private reserve...except for the clinching couple of course!

herhimnbryn said...

What is it about b and w images? It looked like a great walk.

meggie said...

You both did lovely posts about the day! Love the pics.

vicki johnson said...

Thank you for these...what a lovely break you have given me...just when i needed it!!

Unknown said...

Phew! I wonder about black and white images, too. By not attempting to reproduce the world exactly, they sometimes make a stronger statement than colour. It can be the same with movies.

Dave King said...

Wonderful country, wonderful pictures - and you wer so right to keep them (mostly) to black and white.

Anonymous said...

I like your drama, in color and out, Lucy. Wonderful shapes and gleamings.

Bee said...

I love the drama of a storm . . . captured so well in these monochrome pictures of yours. I particularly like the "keyhole" picture . . . you have such a good eye for framing things.