Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Three flowers

Pink oriental

Purple-hearted, dark
inside and out. Despite reaching
for mandala perfection
I'll still become only
a dessicated pepper-pot
of blue-black seeds.
I give up,
drop cellophanous petals.
Fleur fanée.

Yellow rose, remontant.

Bedsheets aurore, a rumple
of apricot, tumbled
in lemon-gold dawn, pleasure
unfolded, unfurled, uncurled,
petal by petal, plunge
your nose, your face, your senses
into my luminous heart.
My love is not a red red rose,
lutea sum sed forma...



Roots hold to mud and slime
of copper-eyed and lecherous toads.
Stems climb through
green, forming
livid verticalities for fishy folk.
Leaves are continents upon
a flat earth's sea,
landfall for damselflies.
Mud, water, light and air, up
through worlds,
I raise my head, behold the jewel!


Prompted by Totally Optional Prompts, 'Write like a flower'. Which I took to mean, write as a flower... ( weird wiggly dashes between stanzas because I cannot, try as I might, get Blogger to accept the line spacing and formatting that I want today... I quite like those wiggly dashes, might make a habit of them.)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, both words and images. Is the poppy a scan - wow?! and the second one is luxurious, sensuous, mysterious!

julie said...

That rose is, well, what Marja-leena said. It looks as though it's just begging to be touched, smelled and tasted as well as seen.

Unknown said...

These are lovely concise, precise qualifications of simple, uncluttered photographs. More please.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! My favorite lines:
"a rumple
of apricot, tumbled
in lemon-gold dawn"

Anonymous said...

Perfect pairings, Lucy. Lovely, all. I'm with Dave on "a rumple
of apricot, tumbled / in lemon-gold dawn".

robinstarfish said...

"Mud, water, light and air, up
through worlds,
I raise my head, behold the jewel!"

Transcendent, both lines and lotus!

herhimnbryn said...

Hallo my flower!
Beautiful words and images.

Anonymous said...

lovely prose!

Puyallup flowers

Lucy said...

Thanks, much appreciated from people whose praise I value!

ML - not scanned, just lucky with the light, I didn't even have to tweak it much at all. I've been meaning to ask how you do that black background scanning...

herhimnbryn said...

Hey Lucy, Thanks for the kind comment on my new place. Am glad you found it too!

Andy Sewina said...

Yeah, I like all three, and the way you spaced them with the pictures - good use of the prompt.

Stan Ski said...

A mixed bunch? Three different flowers, with three different characters.

Anonymous said...

Three different insights..

Welcome to TOP!

clouds percolate from the sun

Rosie said...

What a spectacular post Lucy. I think I have a soft spot for the wanton rose...

Rob Kistner said...

What a wonderful garden of verse... ;)

Paul D. said...

Great poems, especially the second one. Love the photos, so perfect for the poems.

Pam said...


Sheila said...

Wonderful reading, and the photos are just stunning.

I walked with a friend early this morning in the botanic I feel I've revisited it this evening! Thank you!

Crafty Green Poet said...

beautiful words, really evocative of the floral being...

Anonymous said...

I like your take on the prompt - very unique. I would not have thought of it! My fave is #2. :)

Lucy said...

Thanks all, and thanks to my new visitors.

Crafty Green, I owe you more than you know, including putting me onto TOP...

Bob's Blog said...

Thanks for the ode to poppies, which have given me their last bloom of this season.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am quite taken with:
"a rumple
of apricot."


Tumblewords: said...

Impressive - photos and words are an incredibly fine match -

Lucas said...

I love the first flower poem with itsalmost petulant awarenesses - "dessicated pepperpot" and self conscious "cellaphanous petals" - the metaphysics of plant consciousness delightfuly explored.

apprentice said...

Yes all lovely, but the poppy one is my favourite. the pepper poy is so apt.

Anonymous said...

Good JOb! :)