Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Beautiful things should be used, not saved.

This is my thirty-a-day notebook, from Emily who, unusually hereabouts, knows I write.

Its texture and colours are sumptuous, but best is the sharp little 'clunk' of its magnetic clasp.


Linda G. said...

Thirty words capable of conjuring up a clear image, enhabced by beautiful photos! Lovely!

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog...I love it here, and I'll be back:)

meggie said...

That really is beautiful, & sumptuous describes it perfectly!

Did your friend paint it?

Lucy said...

Hello brainy one, and thank you! I was prompted by Catalyst's link naming you as such to seek you out, though I think our paths have crossed before via GrannyJ.
Meggie - no, it's sort of embossed, and there are tiny little irridiscent prismatic type bits set into it. It's plasticcy stuff, but somehow very smooth and heavy and satisfying to handle. I've always been slightly inhibited by pretty stationery but thought this was a good opportunity to use it!

Lee said...

Sumptuoous indeed!

And yes, yes, yes. Use your beautiful things. My Aunt Connie died having seldom used her 'good' crockery, instead living each day on cheap stuff. True she probably got pleasure knowing that she had it but I would like to think she used it too.

Kate I said...

This notebook is stunning! I've always had a difficult time using "precious" things but I'm getting better at it. I think it came from my depression era parents who worked long and hard to be able to afford a few really nice things and the thought of ruining them was sacrelige!

Granny J said...

A lovely cover -- and in the paisley style, too.