Sunday, July 15, 2007

How full is your glass?

How full is your glass?

It runneth over.

What is your glass?

Viridian, obsidian, amber and cranberry, (but old mustard glasses serve the chatelaine!)

Red molten, alchemical, the Glass Animal Man, down the hill from the train on the way to the sea.

Clear sight at last after squinting denial.

What's in your glass?

Black wine of Cahors, and Rosé d'Anjou ( with a perfume of strawberries at Montreuil Bellay...),

White moelleux, soft as bone marrow,

Eau de vie, uisgebeadh, aquavit, water of life, love and friendship.

But purefied water to light me to bed.

( Bastille Night, 2007. With thanks to GrannyJ for the meme.)


Zhoen said...

A poetical photo meme. Answered beautifully.

I'm stealing it.

meggie said...

I loved this.

Lee said...

At twenty to ten in the morning, it is a ceramic mug that is just crying out for some more coffee!

Love the pictures.

herhimnbryn said...

Lucy, this is magical, quite magical.
ps....have always loved the sound of the words Viridian, obsidian... very Kubla khan and exotic.

herhimnbryn said...
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Lucy said...

Thank you, it was scribbled in some haste after the evening out - appropriately after a glass or several!
Z - please go ahead, actually it's a rather good meme, spare and interesting.
Feel I've been neglecting all your blogs lately, I'll be round soon!

Jonathan Wonham said...

Very nice Lucy. We watched our Bastille Night fireworks reflected in the wine dark waters of the Seine.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I particularly liked the next-to-last photo.

Lucy said...

Jonathan, Dave, nice to see you!
The Seine fireworks must have been magical; I like watching these Moncontour ones from this point - by our friends' house, because of the way the old battlements and buildings are silhouetted.
The fireworks setting on the camera wasn't very satisfactory, the best effects seemed to be on auto in the end!

Linda G. said...

A beautifuly poetic post with great pictures... the moon behind the fireworks...Loved reading it and now..I'm going to read it again!

Unknown said...

It has taken me some time to absorb the music of your text and the feast of images. On my third reading I can only join the chorus of approval. I sense moments of joy, always hard to record.

Jan said...

My glass can contain anything from gin to Ovaltine..

apprentice said...

Lovely piece indeed, its sounds like a brilliant night.

Just endless soggy here, hard not to feel cursed with these light levels.