Friday, May 18, 2007

More on boats

Me, I just like taking pictures of all the kind of bits of miscellaneous,

shabby sea-washed,

frayed and rusted and tangled,


nylon and plastic and perished,

sand and salt-faded this and that you find on boats. Or near them.

Or something lovely someone else made, on boats, or other subjects: these stained glass windows from the thick-walled little church by the harbour at Locmariaquer, each pane and shard a thick and brittle grozed chunk, like blue and gold and pink and white boiled sugar, broken with a toffee hammer.

Or sometimes I just sit on boats, and let other people take the pictures.


Catalyst said...

Ah, sure, and ye look happy there, too, little lady.

Fire Bird said...


Anonymous said...

Love the textures and colours, noticing the different blues, how they fit with your blue blog...

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was me, didn't mean to be anonymous! I think I'm tired from working in the garden all day :-)

Zhoen said...

Wonderful dog.

herhimnbryn said...

Will you just look at those knots ( I do like knots) in that netting. Will you just look at those stained glass windows.
Will you just look at that smiley woman and her curly dog. :)

Lucy said...

Catalyst, you've gone all down-home, hayseed and folksy on me, how nice!
TG - OK, I know, it was a damp blowy day!
ML - well I was a bit surprised; the only anonymouses (anonymice?) I've come across lately I've been trying to wind up a bit on other people's comment threads for being nasty and cowardly, so I wondered if one of them had come over to heap hot coals and say nice things about me... Then it turned out to be you so I got two comments for the price of one!
Z - that's the way to my heart.
H - or curly woman and smiley dog?
Yes, its true, owners resemble their dogs; Mol and I spend much of our time being curly and chaotic, disheveled and desperate for affectionate attention, with a propensity to idleness and putting on weight... perhaps I should have had a greyhound.

Lucy said...

- affectionate attention which we get, I hasten to add.

leslee said...

Gorgeouse blues in those sea-stuff photos! Probably it is enhanced by the blue background of your blog. Great to see you, too! Curly, desheveled is good - more full of real life than everything all neat and shelved. Who'd want to be neat and shelved? ;-)

meggie said...

Lovely pic of you & Molly!
Love all your interesting shots of the boats bits.