Saturday, February 10, 2007

I simply can't wait.

I was going to wait until she arrived in the flesh, or rather in the stone, before featuring her on the blog, but I simply can't.
This is the swan sculpture Tom chose from the works of the very wonderful and talented Jantien , who lives and works in Amsterdam, for a Big birthday he has coming this year. I would perhaps have been tempted by another swan in green serpentine, but his was the one he fell in love with (- I kept catching him gazing at her on the screen in close-up -) in alabaster, so I've put down 25% on her, and she'll arrive later this year. She's currently being feted and admired at Jantien's expo in Holland, but no-one else can have her!
We haven't actually met her yet, though I did see her in a half-formed state while she was being carved. Jantien and her lovely partner Jessy pack up everything in their yellow bus and head west each summer to stay with our friend Emilie, who's Jessy's mum, but Jantien can't leave home without a lump of stone and chisels, so the environs of Emilie's house tend to be scattered with chips of exotic geology for much of the month of August.
We had long been promising ourselves a piece of strokable stone sculpture, Little Swan seems to fit the bill!


herhimnbryn said...

This looks very tactile. I want to stroke it!
May I introduce you to my friend's blog? She and her partner dig rock and polish it here in Western Australia. They are at present in the US selling their work and she is posting from there.

Lucy said...

Thanks herhimbryn, I'll enjoy that.
Polished stone's like nothing else, isn't it? I love wood and ceramic, but not in the same way.

Zhoen said...

I have to agree with the love of alabaster. I am still in love with some of it, from Egyptian tombs, seen in a museum of my childhood.

Lucy said...

Zhoen! I am so pleased to see you here! Somehow I aleays thought of you as Tall Girl's friend and didn't quite like to muscle in, how stupid is that? but I read and enjoy your blog.
Recently saw a program about a Victorian church in Yorkshire designed by a very unusual woman who carved the font herself from alabaster, apparently it bruises if not handled carefully.

Zhoen said...


Bro. Bartleby said he found me through you, so I went hunting for a Lucy. I was a bit afraid he was simply making a "light" metaphor. So, thanks for Bro. Glad I found the right Lucy.

Lucy said...

Well, that's odd, as I've never linked direct to you... he must have gone via Tall Girl. One never knows with him, does one, quite where he's coming from or going, or what metaphors he's making - or even whether he quite exists in the form he claims!