Sunday, January 21, 2007

Watery heavens

Thanks to rr - who can make more from a puddle in a London street than I can from miles of pearl-white sand and Pacific blue - for provoking an interest in John Clare's poems. The puddle photo, "heaven in water" moved me to look out some reflective pictures.

The colour settings for thepicture below are a little lurid (a prescribed setting for floweres and foliage on the camera, I've not get round to doing my own colour settings), but I thought it gave a somewhat surreal , feverish-dreamlike air to the image. The pampas grasshead clouds were really floating in the water from some that were growing nearby, I didn't cheat and throw them in myself!

... and this rather sinister being appeared on a day of pea-green polluted water in the lake at Lamballe.


Anonymous said...

These are lovely! The fifth one is amazing, quite surreal as you say.

christy lee-engel said...

Dear Lucy,

Wonderful photos! An inspiring reminder to look at the world from ordinary vantage points that lead to extraordinary perceptions.

Thank you very much for coming to visit and for your kind comment! I am glad to "meet" you (with appreciation to Andy for hosting the occasion for connection).

Looking forward to reading and seeing more of your poetic and charming view of the world.

Lucy said...

Thank you Christy, and welcome!

erika rathje said...

I agree about the fifth one! That and the one that inspired you are particularly special. I'm trying to figure out how it happened! When it's taken out of a frame of context it's impossible to decipher. Very beautiful!

I saw a ghostly figure once, in southern France. The way the lights shone on trees at night made it look like a spooky face. Unfortunately the photo didn't really turn out! It's funny what our eyes see in abstract things.